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The Coshocton County Fair is the biggest attraction for this area. Many people from outside of Coshocton come for the fair.
There are not a lot of police sightings unless they're looking for speeding drivers on the road. The amount of major crime is minimal but certain areas are not as safe as others.
Natural disasters are not common in Coshocton but when they do happen it's most likely to be a flood or a severe thunderstorm with high winds. The fall is a very mild time of the year here, usually winter comes later in the year than usual and when it does it can be extremely cold with plenty of snow. Spring can be mild or a difficult transition period, we normally do not have a spring, it's either still winter or summer comes early. Summers are usually warm, they can be typically dry which makes the are susceptible to flooding. The most used essential in my closet would be a light jacket.
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There are plenty of bars around the main street but they are not unique or quality. Usually the only restaurants open past midnight would be fast food.
Most employees in this area work either in food industry or retail. A select few hold high paying jobs such as lawyers and judges. The job opportunities seem to expand by a small margin but look to be increasing for the future. A few of the top employers from this area would be Wal-Mart and McDonald's
In my area there are many mom-and-pop stores, especially select grocery stores. The biggest chain company in my town would be Wal-Mart. There is a lack of drug stores and retail shops for clothing, but there is a surplus of automotive repair shops and subpar eateries.
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