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Cozy town, but needs major improvements of roads. Railroads also need improvements. Be weary that there is an extremely high volume of trains.
Trains are always backing up traffic in town but it is a wonderful place to live. Trains can be irritating but also give you the chance to slow down and enjoy a few minutes of your day.
Claremore is the perfect combination of small hometown community, innovation, and growth. I have loved every moment spent in Claremore thus far. The town of Claremore is an opportunity for anyone to create a fresh start with boundless opportunities. One will be able to find many commodities offered in the big city available in Claremore. Claremore is the perfect place to start your journey, whether it be as a Freshman in college or begin a family of your own. Being a young adult, Claremore has provided me with the opportunity to grow as an individual, by pushing me out of comfort zone. The town of Claremore is truly a family, where one immediately feels accepted.
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The community of Claremore is resilient and supportive. This town has been relentlessly giving. I am proud to be from the city of a Claremore
Claremore is a really safe to live, especially for families with children. It is a cery small town, but it is growing every year. I do wish there were a few more thing to do in Claremore.
Claremore is a small, close knit community. Our crime rates are lower here compared to nearby communities. They are slowly making progress to keep up with a growing economy. More and more things are being built and put in to make the city more desirable. The only down fall here is the commute. The train situation is something that really needs improvement. Being stuck at the crossing for long periods of time while they are stuck on the tracks is a major downfall, especially if there is any kind of emergency and first responders can't get to their desired destination.
Claremore is a small town with an amazing parks and rec area at the Claremore lake. it has a splash pad, frisbee golf area, fishing and picnicking areas. it is beautifully maintained.
I have grown up in Claremore my whole life. I enjoy living here in this small town. It would be nice to have less hotels and more activities for the youth. Claremore is a very nice town though.
Great place to live! Great schools, great community, great places to eat, and plenty of things to do! Claremore is continuing to grow! Highly recommend it!
Claremore is a quaint little town with amazing neighbors. The schools are good and the lake is amazing. I have loved every minute of it
It's a medium-sized town where most individuals don't have a hard time being friendly with each other.
Oklahoma is an alright town most days. the traffic can get very bad at times and many of the people that live in claremore commute to Tulsa. There are Two railways that can cut traffic off several times a day.
We have a lot of history, lakes and beautiful scenery. The only bad thing for some people are the trains in town, but we are a train town!
Claremore is a growing college town, yet still has aspects of a small town. It is not uncommon to go into the local diner and be recognized. Night life is a little restricted, however, Tulsa is only 30 minutes away with plenty to offer.
Claremore is a lovely town that offers many fun events such as the Rogers county fair and food truck Thursday. Claremore has a beautiful downtown filled with many shops and restaurants. I still consider Claremore a small town, but it is slowly growing! The new Starbucks is a bonus in the city and also the Chick-fil-a! New to Claremore this year is the Cotten Patch Caffe!
It's a small town, suburb of Tulsa. A lot of people commute to Tulsa for jobs. Worse part is the traffic. Highway expansion has not kept up and now traffic gets delayed at times during rush hour.
Claremore is well known for Will Rogers- a true all american hero. A wonderful quote by Will Rogers is "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.
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Clarremore is slowly making entertainment improvements to the town. The crime rate is low, but not much to do
This is a quiet town, besides all the trains that pass through here. It is a great place to live for it is more local than anything the people are friendly and always greeting one another with a smile. The downtown shopping and summer events are something not to miss for they show just how tight of a community Claremore is. As well as the newly Winterfestival that runs through the month of December. It is great family fun for the whole family. Most neighborhoods are quiet and neighbors are friendly and look out for one another.
too many trains. It appears to be a booming town but everything closes at nine and doesn't open until 8am or so. great school and a college town
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