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A family friendly suburban neighborhood. It is safe and quiet college town. They have a market at the local Village sometime during the week. A little bit pricey because the city is in LA county.
Awesome friendly place to visit. People are always friendly there and there are old homes there that are very well kept up and beautiful. So many different places to visit and schools are near by. Pet friendly area and close to other cities that offer variety walking trials, outdoor shopping malls offering holiday events.
Claremont has changed a lot since I moved in. I can see crime is increasing. There are more homeless on the street especially around the village. I'm really thinking about moving out to another state. Houses prices and rent are increasing a lot.
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Everything but the cost of living is great. The neighborhoods are safe for kids to play and hang out in, lots of lush nature, and have one of the best education systems in the county. The people are amazing too, they are very inclusive, and have little room for inequality. The only problem is that the houses are too expensive. They are million-dollar homes.
I love Claremont village and the Claremont colleges. It is the city of PhDs and trees. I love the friendly atmosphere, the diversity, and the people.
I Claremont is the best place to live. It less expensive and also fewer crimes compared to other places. The village has the best food and the weekends are just filled with a lot of fun activities. There is never a dull moment at Claremont.
I truly love this place. It just all welcoming to all types of people.
Claremont is a great town with a cute little village. You either meet really down to Earth great people or rich entitled people. As long as you steer clear of the rich white people, it's great!
It’s not the most diverse area, many people believe in racial stereotypes here. But there are also a lot of nice and woke people too :).
Its a beautiful small city just 40mins from LA. There are many trees and sites for family and studying. I have grown up in claremont and attending schools in the district. I have learned a lot and have had an overall great experience.
Claremont is a great city! The people are nice and very eco friendly. There are a lot of vegans and liberals. The down town area called "The Village" is a great place to go on a Friday night to thang out with some friends for drinks or food. The High School and Elementary Schools are great, but the middle school is questionable. Its expensive, but nice.
Claremont is a very tiny town that is amazing to walk around and explore. There is the village where a bunch of cute shops are located and many restaurants that you can enjoy a nice meal at.
I love the city of Claremont it has many fine representations of various architectural periods, particularly Victorian, neo-Classical Revival, Craftsman, and Spanish Colonial Revival. It's diverse community makes is an amazing place to live. Claremont is a small college town with so much to offer. Much of what Claremont is today is the direct result of actions taken by the community's founders more than 100 years ago. Trees planted at the turn of the century now compete with nearby mountain peaks for dominance of the local skyline. The Claremont Colleges have become some of the nation's most highly respected educational and cultural institutions.
I’ve lived in Claremont for 21 years and it’s a great city with a lot to do. I’ll never move. There are old and new shops in the village, lots of markets and a cool farmers market every Sunday. We also have tons of walking and mountain hiking trails. But we moved here primarily for the schools. They truly are the best around!
Great Job opportunities for High School Students. The whole city is clean and very safe. I think that they should add some fast food restaurants.
A wonderful college town, the area around it is very wealthy so things can get a bit pricey, but it is a very safe area and fun to walk around during the day or at night, with friends or alone. However, being next to a few colleges, I wished things in the village were open a bit later. College students love to eat late, and it was a bit hard to find places nearby that were open sometimes.
Claremont is an extremely liberal city. For the most part every house either has a family of like 4 or 5 or the people that live there are like 80 years old and will never come out. If you want a good relationship with your neighbor I would say go elsewhere. Most people in Claremont are pretty stuck up. It is a good place to raise a family though with some good public and private schools and it is a pretty safe place to be. For the most part it is pretty expensive and I think that is what drives most people away.
This town has a cute east coast feel in the middle of Southern California. The shops and restaurants in the downtown village area will keep you coming back weekly, if not daily. There are trails at the base of the mountains for those looking for an outdoor workout. Great schools and great people.
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Claremont is a nice town in L.A. County. It has a rich village with lots of shops, restaurants, and nightlife and is home to the Claremont Colleges.
Claremont has the old feel of a world gone by. it is eclectic and unique. Downtown is full of college students, long standing residents and retirees. It is quaint and warm.
Very safe, vibrant community. Many fun things to do and community events! The public school is also great here.
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