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I’ve lived in Claremont for 21 years and it’s a great city with a lot to do. I’ll never move. There are old and new shops in the village, lots of markets and a cool farmers market every Sunday. We also have tons of walking and mountain hiking trails. But we moved here primarily for the schools. They truly are the best around!
Great Job opportunities for High School Students. The whole city is clean and very safe. I think that they should add some fast food restaurants.
A wonderful college town, the area around it is very wealthy so things can get a bit pricey, but it is a very safe area and fun to walk around during the day or at night, with friends or alone. However, being next to a few colleges, I wished things in the village were open a bit later. College students love to eat late, and it was a bit hard to find places nearby that were open sometimes.
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Claremont is an extremely liberal city. For the most part every house either has a family of like 4 or 5 or the people that live there are like 80 years old and will never come out. If you want a good relationship with your neighbor I would say go elsewhere. Most people in Claremont are pretty stuck up. It is a good place to raise a family though with some good public and private schools and it is a pretty safe place to be. For the most part it is pretty expensive and I think that is what drives most people away.
This town has a cute east coast feel in the middle of Southern California. The shops and restaurants in the downtown village area will keep you coming back weekly, if not daily. There are trails at the base of the mountains for those looking for an outdoor workout. Great schools and great people.
Claremont is a nice town in L.A. County. It has a rich village with lots of shops, restaurants, and nightlife and is home to the Claremont Colleges.
Claremont has the old feel of a world gone by. it is eclectic and unique. Downtown is full of college students, long standing residents and retirees. It is quaint and warm.
Very safe, vibrant community. Many fun things to do and community events! The public school is also great here.
It is nice in Claremont, and I am very glad to be attending college in this city. There are many opportunities nearby, and Southern California is wonderful to live in.
It's a very nice place to live for those who want something a little out of the way. There are coyotes and cars use college way as a path to the 210 just outside but other than that, it's a great location. There is a farmer's market not too far from where my family lives and it's also near a theater, and the cities of LaVerne and Pomona.
Overall I have really enjoyed Claremont, but I wish that the city government would stop making bad choices like making Foothill a one lane street and charging for parking in the village.
I love Claremont. I moved here from Ontario (I grew up there) and the difference is insane. I feel very safe here and the town is very green. People here are friendly and active. A lot of people walk around or bike. There's great public transportation options. Plenty of parks, things to do and see, and art museums to check out. The negative things is that the town is pretty expensive and I only see diversity with college students. The rest is just white people.
I moved to Claremont about 5 years ago in 2013 from South Pasadena. We really enjoy the parks in the city (e.g., Wheeler Park) and having the Village so close by. Tons of coffee shops and restaurants to explore and the Colleges offer lots of lectures, concerts and events throughout the year to keep us engaged. It's a small town w/ a big global outlook, and that's just perfect when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle but remain engaged in the world we live in. Lots of activism of all types, religious, political and environmental, Claremont strives to make the world a better place. Great place in LA County to settle in and enjoy life.
Best city to live in with many delicious restaurants. Clean and friendly . Quiet neighborhood with beautiful landscape
It is a wonderful city to raise a family. It is safe and very family driven. The small community offers a wonderful diversification in its residents and adds to the attractiveness of the city. There is so offered to its residents and surrounding cities. From fantastic theater productions to elegant dinning. There is always something to catch your eyes.
more community out reach for example get to know the cops/fire. more options for convince foods. bring back the summer programs for kids.
Claremont is very neighborhood friendly. There’s an area called The Village filled with many shops and restaurants. It’s the perfect place to go out and have a nice dinner with family or just to get ice cream with a few friends. Right by The Village are the Claremont colleges.
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Claremont is a wonderful city with a beautiful landscape. It is home to the some of the country's most prestigious colleges. The school district is excellent and they strive to make their student's succeed. Claremont also houses many local "hole in the wall" businesses where you can find the most unique handmade gifts for any occasion, most of which can be found in the local Claremont Village where anyone is free to browse through the shops and take in the scenery. The Claremont Village is the epitome of the city and one can grasp a true sense of the community of this city by taking a stroll through the village on any given Sunday where many vendors delight the community in the weekly Farmer's Market. In conclusion Claremont is a gem of a city, with breathtaking scenery and a friendly face at every corner.
Downtown Claremont is nice and family-friendly. There are several nice shops and restaurants, and the area is generally not too loud.
This is a safe and quiet town with tree lined streets, nice people, and a cute downtown area with lots of mom and pop shops to browse. They have live music in the park on Monday nights during the summer, craft beer and wine walks, parades and craft fairs during the holiday season. This town is adorable and beautiful.
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