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To begin preschool through High school and Technical school . Its my home and always will be, I have lived all over the United States. Home is home family , friends Familiar faces. Yes I am thinking of moving back to Clairton .
I have lived here since I was a preschooler. Prior to middle school My mom kept me busy with all the things young kids like to do. But most of it had to happen far from home. This use to be a bustling city. Now boredom, drinking and drugs predominate the lives of most of my friends. I don't always feel safe. I know shooters and guys that have lost their lives here. I just came home from college and feel like there is nothing here for me. I feel the pull to join a local gang or sell drugs, as there is no work for people without access to transportation. The air quality is so poor that as an athlete I am winded doing basic drills. If I had money I would make sure there are jobs and things to do to make people feel proud to live here.
Clairton, like many other cities, can be really good or bad depending on what part of the neighborhood you're in. The schooling is average, but the sport teams are phenomenal. There are some good places to eat, buy groceries, or chill out. It's a small city, so everyone knows each other.
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Some parts of clariton are quiet and the older homes are pretty in my area. This city does have its bad area so beware . For the most part its ok
I was born and raised in the small steel mill town of Clairton, PA. A year ago, I relocated from Chicago, IL to my hometown of Clairton.
I grew up in Clairton and back then which is over 50 years ago, it was a very booming steel mill town. Clairton has 3 movie theaters, 3 large grocery stores, scores of mom and pop stores, and a large student body at its high school. We had 3 public elementary schools and one private school. What I would change about Clairton now is the lack of employment and activities for the people.
I like that it's a neighborhood that is making changes for the youth and for everyone around the city. I would like to see change is the sport selection for the kids growing up in the city I would also like to see more recreational things for the kids to do outside of school.
They will fight you over $5.
There's a lot of hateful people. They do not like new becomes and if you don't play football you don't matter.
they need some things for kids to do and a grocery store
My entire family lived in clairton for years and got to the point that our family became an extended family. Everyone in town knew each because they were either related or close friends with their family and friends.
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