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Citrus Park is a nice neighborhood in the outskirts of Tampa. It’s a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy Tampa area.
I like the area. I just wish there were better ways to walk to a bus stop or have a closer bus stop to where I live. It would make it easier to get to work and school. The people can be nice. Some are rude.
Beautiful area quiet and close to everything you need. Great schools and area for children to grow up. Not so congested with people and traffic commute times are low.
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Beautifully safe community to raise kids, has wonderful schools but has close to no night life for young adults. Commute to work is perfect 5 minute drive to 275 highway.
The neighborhood is very quiet. Traffic to commute to/from work is not too bad, and neighbors are friendly. Location is great because is close to supermarkets, banks and the mall.
Citrus park is in the middle of everything . You don’t have to drive far to get to where ever you need to be . Very family oriented . Nice and quiet. Mall close by.
A great neighborhood with a diverse group of different ethnicities. I have lived in this area for 10+ years. Great schools and stores to support the community.
I've been living in citrus park for the last 15 years of my life, and I have to say it is one of the safest communities in Tampa. Citrus park is family based community, and it is centralized around everything you need. I absolutely love it. I do not have to drive very far to get to anything. The mall is right down the street, and there are a variety of places to eat. I would not want to live in anywhere else in Tampa.
I've lived in Citrus Park my whole life and it's very safe, very family-oriented, has great schools and almost everything you need is within a 5-10 minute driving distance. There's not a whole lot when it comes to night life. Definitely more geared towards families but still certainly not a dull place to live.
There is no crime I really see happening, even though I hear about the occasional vandalism and see some graffiti around. Other than that, it's mostly safe.
This is a great area for families. Although I don't associate with the neighbors that often, they are pretty friendly. I wouldn't mind coming back to this neighborhood later on in my life if I ever actually return.
I feel safe walking around to the mall or grocery store.
The current apartments we live at are beautiful but a little bit poor on the construction, but we're really close to the mall, grocery shopping, and trails. I'd move here again. The area itself is probably a good part of the country, but that doesn't exempt it from unemployment or poverty. My own mother who has a masters degree, hasn't been able to find a job despite it being a 'good area'. Which is why I'm in desperate need of scholarships. In the future for this area like the rest of the country, everybody will keep spending past their means and even though it's a slightly expensive area, the only people that can afford it would be the parents. It will be very hard for my generation to live in such kind of place in the future because of rising prices, and huge amounts of college debt.
I never really hear of crime in my area, the only time I see police is if there are car accidents and crashes to which they respond quickly.
The town is always working to improve and make life easier for its residents. Near my neighborhood alone, they have built a traffic light to lessen the chances of accidents, as well as fixing the roads to make commuting easier for everyone. There has also been problems with flooding in my area, so they have been fixing and creating a better ditching system.
There is present crime in this area, just as there is in any area. However, the crime rate is very low and on a small scale. I have never had any issues with crime and have never been scared when I am out alone. There are always visible police, so that has a very positive impact on the crime rate, I believe.
I absolutely love this location! Economically, this area is very affordable and competitive with the surrounding areas.I have lived here since I was two years old and see familiar faces and friends frequently when I am out and about. Clearwater Beach is a 30 minute drive at most, while St. Pete Beach is only a little further out. There are many great elementary, middle and high schools to choose from, both public and private. This location is growing, but not so fast as to over-populate. It is a great place, especially, for a growing family to live. It is relatively close to downtown Tampa and has a lot of great local activities to enjoy. I would choose to live here again in a heartbeat!
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Many locally owned shops and studios (dance)
Crime rates in Tampa are typically low. There hasn't been any "major news" in recent months.
In the community, many people are physically active and go to many daytime events. There is a trail nearby that many visit to get outdoors. There is also, many gyms to attend in the area.
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