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Love Cincinnati, even including our heartbreaking sports teams. I love the food, the people, the breweries, our downtown everything. It's the big city but drive in any direction for 20 minutes and you're out in the country. It's the best of both worlds.
Cincinnati is a lively city with lots of things to do. The people are very nice and warm and I love the city and living here.
Cincinnati is the smallest big city in America. What brought me to the city was the opportunity to find life and connections rare to most of the midwest. What surprised me most about the city was the ability to feel connected to a very large community of people within just a year of living there. No matter who you are or where you spend your time, this big city will become comfortable and knowable. Cincinnati is also one of the most affordable cities out there. A city apartment downtown or a home of your own is completely accessible to most people making this a unique benefit of living in the midwest.
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Cincinnati is a warm and welcoming community full of diverse neighborhoods with a lot of history to explore. A great city for anyone who is active with lots of local running, walking, biking, and triathlons and tone of groups to train with. The restaurant scene is amazing and there are many unique local restaurants that have gained national praise.
I love Cincinnati. My partner and I moved here a while back, and it’s just been amazing. Endless places to explore. So much AMAZING cuisine, activities, events, cultures, parks, etc etc you name it. There’s always something to do. It’s quiet for the most part and if I had the chance to do it again, I would in a heartbeat.
I live in Clifton, the college town right outside of the University of Cincinnati's campus. If you're a family, I would not advise living in this area as the rent is high due to the increased need for student housing. Over the rhine is a few blocks towards the river before downtown and is a unique area. I would view the area prior to moving in as some areas are safer than others. Cincinnati is a great city to live in and raise children, with plenty of beautiful parks, breweries, foodie eats, and endless ways to fill your time.
I just moved to the Cincinnati area. I like the big city vibes and so far it has been get experience. Must say if you are a graduate student on a budget, find decent place to live is kind of difficult. To find nice apartment at afforadable price is hard to find depending on what area you are looking to live. In the downtown area prices for apartment can be from $900-&1,000 or more to rent. Apartments in the $900 range downtown are studio style. Neighborhoods such as Clifton and Oakley area are good places for young professionals with better options for choices of living.
I like the diversity of Cincinnati. I like the way some of the inner city communities are coming together. I love Findlay Market and the banks. The streetcar. I don't like the way homeless people are treated in the city of Cincinnati, and we need more affordable housing.
I've lived here all my life. It's very up and coming with a lot of unique boutiques and corky places to shop in over the rhine. There is a lot to do, especially when it comes to art museums, various plays and exhibits to visit. Cincinnati is definitely a melting pot and offers great food and a variety of activities.
Overall a very fun city! Everything is within a 15-20 min drive tops. Only downfall is that since your in a city you bound to have a few crazy things happen. I once was living the Kroger and had a male run after my car trying to hit it with a stick. Another time I was trying to backup into my parking spot at my apartment complex and a women attacked my car and tried to get inside of it. If you choose to live in Cincinnati you need to be alert at all times. Be with friends if you are going out
The city is very crowded and theft happens often, especially around the UC campus. There are a lot of great restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to explore in Cincinnati. There is always a new activity to try on a nice weekend and many exhibits to travel to such as museums. I really enjoy the diversity that the city offers and the availability of public transportation. Various stores and cafes are within walking distance and it is amazing how little you have to travel to get there. I have only lived in Cincinnati for a year and a half and I feel like I have not had the chance to explore everything that it has to offer. It is very close to the Ohio River which entails some glorious restaurants and some hidden gems that people should experience.
Born and raised in Cincinnati, my roots run deep in the Queen City. My educational experience at the University of Cincinnati allowed for furthering opportunities internationally.
Overall, Cincinnati has been an amazing place for my husband and I to buy our first home. The area is overall a unique place to be, but can be on the unsafe side.
Cincinnati has a lot to offer, even though it may not be a destination place for many people. This city has a lot of staple places to go eat and also to explore. We are known for our chili from Skyline, ice cream from Graeter's, and pizza from Larossa's. Our zoo is top ranked in the nation and it's so fun going any time of year. Our winter zoo lights are a must-do activity every year. Cincinnati is more of a close-knit place. We ask where each other went to high school rather than college. Our German heritage is also very prevalent. It's also likely you and a person you just met have a mutual friend and you didn't know it. Somehow we all know each other directly or indirectly. Cincinnati is a good place to live and explore. It has something for everyone.
Public transit, nightlife, arts, you name it Cincinnati has it. Tons of green space and parks. It has this small town feel in a huge progressive city. Little bit of everything.
I would like to see a change in the opioid problems, the list of failing public schools, the homelessness rate and the house market expenses
I grew up in Cincinnati and now I go to school here. It's a pretty city right on the Ohio River. There's a good beer and food scene downtown and in the Over-The-Rhine neighborhood. Many local breweries have popped up lately that theres anyways somewhere new to go. University of Cincinnati has been a good place to go to college being a short drive to downtown and the riverfront. I enjoy going to college at an urban campus because there are places to venture to.
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I think it is okay. To me Cincinnati isn't the best looking city. It is too many split Highways. People in Cincinnati can't drive and it isn't too many good areas to live in. Also Cincinnati is expensive.
I have lived in Cincinnati my entire life. I can remember the only time you went downtown to pay a bill, go to court, or shop at a few department stores (Pogues, Shillito's, JJ Newberrys ). Times changed and more littles stores came there was the skywalk, a movie theater lots of places to go and hang out with friends. As time passed a lot of these places closed and downtown became a ghost town for teens and young adults. There was nothing to do for fun and it soon wasn't the safest place to be. Over the last decade or so Downtown Cincinnati has become reborn Over the Rhine is now the place to be. Two rebuilt stadiums so we can see the Reds and Bengals play (sometimes badly). The National Underground Freedom Center is a great place to go for a history lesson. The area is growing all the time and I feel like we are coming along, our neighborhoods are becoming more diverse and people are learning to live together. Ofcourse there is always more work to do but we are getting there.
Cincinnati is a fun place to live and it is very active with lots to do. Not only are the people welcoming but the scenery around is amusing enough to hold your attention.
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