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I have lived in Cibolo for five years(the most I've stayed in one place). In those five years Cibolo has changed, adding more accommodations for its residents. I especially enjoyed the building of the Walmart, its location allows many residents to take advantage of their services. The only thing I still see hindering the community would be the remaining potholes on the roads.
Downtown Cibolo is a very cute area to go for an afternoon. There are food, coffee, ice cream, and a cute little shop.
Cibolo is a fast growing suburb area great for you g families. The area has great public schools and a variety of athletic programs for all ages. “Downtown” Cibolo has a very eclectic old town feel with multiple small businesses including: an ice cream parlor, small gift shops, restaurants, wine/beer, yoga, painting, coffee, a cigar shop and more. This environment provides a great experience for adults and children of all ages.
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It's a very quiet suburb, super peaceful. However, because it is growing it is becoming less peaceful. I miss when the population was less, but it's nice to see that others see the potential and beauty of my town.
I think its a great place! people are kind and its a very family-friendly place to have a family or raise your kids. I moved here from Oklahoma and so far I have enjoyed my stay here. I haven't had any problems besides the traffic sometimes when people are getting off work or even getting to work for that matter. But overall I recommend this place for people who have families.
It is a small town so everybody knows of everyone. The people and service are very kind. The school district is the best I have ever been in. It is very diverse and rarely has any issues with safety.
Cibolo is a quiet and small town. It's a family centered area with all of the different schools surrounding it.
This is a great place to live. Low on crime and feels like a small town with short access to a big city. It is growing daily!
Cibolo has a well diverse group of people with excellent public schools. Close to San Antonio which has an amazing nightlife.
I have lived in Cibolo since I was nine years old, but I feel like I have spent my whole life here. Everywhere you go, you are greeted with a smiling face. The schooling is amazing and the teachers are all welcoming and make it their mission to build very personal relationships with their students. Cibolo is also very close to a military base, so there is a very diverse culture. You have people who come from all over the world and different backgrounds which adds to the amazing experience. This is also amazing for school because you can make so many friends of different cultural backgrounds. Cibolo is also thought to be the little town outside of a big city. It is a very close knit town, that has many characteristics of the typical small town. We have our local grocery stores, daddy daughter dances, civic centers, all things that make up a loving town. The town of Cibolo also offers activities for the community, such as food drives and local fairs. Cibolo is a very special place.
Cibolo is really starting to build upwards. We have new restaurants, movie theaters, and more bringing in tax dollars, jobs, and entertainment to fellow residents.
I have lived in Cibolo for 9 years and I love it here. It is just a small little town right outside of New Braunfels Texas. There are so many fun things to do here. There are lots of little shops and unique restaurants to eat at. There's lot of parks for kids and even dog parks. Cibolo is a small town but it is growing very fast, which is something I don't really like. Cibolo is supposed to be a small little country town, which is now turning into more of a small city. Other than that, I love it here.
Cibolo is a small, quiet town. Very close knit community full of great people. I would definitely recommend Cibolo to just about anybody. It is about a 15 minute drive to the actual city of San Antonio, so you are not far from the city at all.
A very nice new city. Cibolo started out as a lowkey backwood city and is now currently growing in size, population and popularity everyday. Has now been built up dramatically since we first moved there back in 2nd grade.
I love how they keep things that made up the city so long ago. The school system is amazing, and work well With you.
Very clean area and nice residents everyone is very friendly. Could use more things to do but the travel is not that far to reach the mall and plenty of places to eat. Randolph air force base is located within minutes of the area for the military who reside nearby.
It is a lovely growing community with a variety of people. Due to the location it is highly convenient for military service members to live here. The economy is growing massively with many shopping,eating, as well as businesses moving in nearly each month. There are tons of orthodontist and dentist offices to keep your mouth healthy. The schools are great and class sizes are less than twenty typically.
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Cibolo is a great town with a rustic and very enjoyable downtown street. Cibolo is small business friendly and also family friendly since there are so many safe subdivisions located there. In addition, Cibolo is a growing community with a large pet hospital soon to open and a recently opened Walmart that is easily accessible to the community. Cibolo is a town where friendly waves from neighbors are encouraged and not only San Antonio but New Braunfels are only a short drives away. The city of Cibolo is a great place for growing families and fresh starts because families have the option to build their own homes with new subdivisions or purchase already exisiting homes in this great area.
A fast growing suburb that is family friendly and influenced. The expansion of the city is allowing for multiple opportunities to arise, thus creating a neighborhood perfect for a growing family.
We moved here in 2009 after being stationed at Lackland. I did extensive research on safety and schools. We made the long commute to Lackland for work from Cibolo for quality of life and it was the best decision we've ever made. We absolutely love our neighborhood. I got divorced in 2013 and my neighbors, knowing that I was now a single mother, have been wonderful. I love how safe my children and I feel here. The town is growing quickly and traffic is a nightmare on 35 as I work in the city BUT it is by far worth it for the peace of mind and quality of life that Cibolo provides. Lovely parks, plenty of community events, very family friendly. The police are exceptional in this community and do well to keep us all safe. We love loving in Cibolo and are very grateful to our city officials for making it a wonderful place to live!
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