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Cibolo is a great town with a rustic and very enjoyable downtown street. Cibolo is small business friendly and also family friendly since there are so many safe subdivisions located there. In addition, Cibolo is a growing community with a large pet hospital soon to open and a recently opened Walmart that is easily accessible to the community. Cibolo is a town where friendly waves from neighbors are encouraged and not only San Antonio but New Braunfels are only a short drives away. The city of Cibolo is a great place for growing families and fresh starts because families have the option to build their own homes with new subdivisions or purchase already exisiting homes in this great area.
A fast growing suburb that is family friendly and influenced. The expansion of the city is allowing for multiple opportunities to arise, thus creating a neighborhood perfect for a growing family.
We moved here in 2009 after being stationed at Lackland. I did extensive research on safety and schools. We made the long commute to Lackland for work from Cibolo for quality of life and it was the best decision we've ever made. We absolutely love our neighborhood. I got divorced in 2013 and my neighbors, knowing that I was now a single mother, have been wonderful. I love how safe my children and I feel here. The town is growing quickly and traffic is a nightmare on 35 as I work in the city BUT it is by far worth it for the peace of mind and quality of life that Cibolo provides. Lovely parks, plenty of community events, very family friendly. The police are exceptional in this community and do well to keep us all safe. We love loving in Cibolo and are very grateful to our city officials for making it a wonderful place to live!
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Great small town feel and so close to a big city life. Great place to raise a family and enjoy nature and friends!
There use to be nothing in the small city of Cibolo,but now it is growing. Cibolo recently just opened a Santikos movie theater that has bowling, laser tag, and arcade games, before there was not much to do in this town and now there is. I also like that the Walmart is less than 5 minutes from my house and there is also some fast food restaurants around Walmart as well. There isn't much in downtown Cibolo, but one of my favorite little coffee shops is, it called Emily's Place. If your every in the area you should check it out you will not be disappointed.
Cibolo is a nice, peaceful and growing city. However, it is currently lacking in any fun and unique experiences compared to other close cities.
Great town! People are so friendly! There is always something to do, and the downtown area of Cibolo is the best! Good food and drinks! The neighborhoods are fantastic, with affordable housing options. Cibolo is a wonderful city to be a part of!
I've lived in Cibolo my entire life, and it feels average in most ways. If you want the white-picket-fence suburb life, Cibolo is probably a good place for you! My biggest issue has been with my neighbors, and my HOA does nothing to enforce their rules (there are two houses on my street that are rented out to a group of pilot trainees every month despite that being against the HOA and my neighbor's dog never stops barking and they don't do anything about it). The schools could be improved, but they're pretty nice compared to a lot of other cities' schools.
people are kind of ugly and mean, the city isn't very big and doesn't have much to do. It's kind of just the middle between san antonio and new braunfels
What I liked about Cibolo is it's community involvement. What I don't like about it it's starting to turn itself into a big city instead of a suburb
Cibolo is a nice, quiet town. There's food close by and a good amount of shopping centers. The traffic is an issue, though, as there's many construction areas but not enough infrastructure to support the new neighborhoods and buildings being made.
Nice and quiet neighborhoods. Friendly, Nice little mom and pop stores and restaurants.
easy access to I-35 and close to shopping center
Growing up in the SE side of SATX. I'm used to environmental norms that would be at the bottom of this list.

After recently relocating from NE Austin and Boerne... Cibolo, Texas it was and it is very appealing.

The first, the location. We are just a hop, skip, and a jump from Canyon Lake. Gruene, New Braunfels, San Marcus, and Austin. Not to mention, San Antonio.

The second, the Cibolo Police are very diligent in their efforts in the safety of the community. As a matter of fact, we have half a dozen police who live in our subdivision.

So it promotes a different environment than I'm used to. For me, it is unusual to see kids playing in the street enjoying kid-like stuff. I'm not used to that feeling where garages are left open, bikes left in yard, and neighbors nodding or waving in the area.

The amenities are expanding so quickly, the location, and safety feels like we are going to stay for many years to come.
Everyone in Cibolo are very nice and welcoming. They hold a lot of community events and the local schools are supported by the city officials.
Loved here for three years and I loved it. Great high school and my mom loves her job at one of the elementary school. I have a part time at fast food and the people here are very nice for the most part.
I lived in Cibolo from 2014-2017. At the time we lived there, it was very quiet, and had a lot of farm land. A lot of the residents are military. Cibolo has friendly people, and the suburb's popularity is growing as more and more nice homes are being built. Now the farmlands and foresty areas are reducing drastically, especially as shops are opening up all over. There ought to be more road lanes, as traffic is a real struggle in the mornings and between 4-6pm.
I love living in Cibolo, it is very quiet and everybody in the community is very nice. It is out more in the country so everything is pretty far from you but Cibolo is growing day by day and more and more people are building more stores and shops nearby.
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Used to be an awesome small country town. Now growing to be a very large suburb of the expanding San Antonio.
Cibolo is turning into one of the most beautiful suburbs of the San Antonio area. What once was empty fields for as far as you can see has now turned into a burgeoning community filled with new faces from all walks of life. It is one of the safest areas to live and the local government has done well in taking care of its citizens.
Cibolo is a family friendly suburb area that has plenty of amenities in the surrounding areas. They have the best school districts and allow a perfect place to raise a family. The are provided quality homes at a affordable price.
Its not too far from the city but not too close to have the inconveniences of the city life.
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