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I enjoy living someplace that still has trees and nice size yards. It has a rural feel, but is close to shopping and entertainment.
I've lived here my whole life and I love it. It is a very close knit community and people are always here to help you out when you need it. Most neighbors are friendly. Good for families. Good for pets, especially if you have bigger pets or livestock, there is more land available. Quiet, country living. Barely any traffic, but about a 15-20 minute drive to and from stores, restaurants, etc.
Right outside the hustle and bustle of Orlando. The Econ Trail is right in the middle for an easy access to nature.
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Chuluota is a great town that I have been living in for about ten years now. Everyone that I live around is very friendly and the town is beautiful. I love to walk around the neighborhood or drive around. Talking to my neighbors is very nice as well. I really feel included with everyone around.
I lived in Chuluota all of my life and I can call it as my home. There are many job opportunities available and more to come due to lots of construction being done in the area. I love this area because it is a family-friendly environment good to raise a family. I want to contribute to the city of Chuluota by being an active member in the community. I can see many changes being made in the community such as industrialization. I believe that one day Chuluota will become a more develop city and many additions will be made, attracting more visitors.
I've lived here since 1994, Great place to raise a family. Rurual community, with a lot of Heart. Low crime, Best schools, Chuluota is the best place to call Home. No hussell or bussell of the big city.
I have lived in Chuluota Florida for 23 years. I enjoy living here because it gives my family the perfect amount of privacy. It will takes us about 10 minutes to get to Publix, 30 minutes to Orlando and about an hour to the beach. Also, I love that I can walk about a mile and get to Lake Pickett(private lake you must have a key to enter) or I can spend a few hours at Lake Mills Park. The only thing I would change is to minimize the amount of new homes that are being built close by. The previous land owner sold his land and all of his orange grove trees were chopped down.
I live in a semi-rural area. The people are nice, there is hardly any crime at all. However, 5 minutes down the road, the community turns into rich white-snobs. These people tend to be very judgmental, but there are still many good people in the area. There is not an extreme amount of fun places to go out to and the mall is practically dead. In the future I see more houses being crammed in areas that they cannot fit and our nature areas being destroyed for housing reasons. The school system is great, except for the handful of teachers arrested for sexual harassment. If I could have the option to live somewhere else, I would not move. Despite the flaws, I love it here.
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