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Chula Vista is practically where I grew up and where I'm still currently living, the people in this community are so nice and welcoming all the neighborhoods are very clean and well put together. The majority of houses and apartments are nicely renovated. There is quite a bit of stores in the Chula Vista area which is nice if you like to shop there is also a bunch of schools with very good education as well as a bunch of different sports team both competitive and recreational which is nice for both kids as well as parents, overall I believe Chula Vista is a nice place to be.
Chula Vista is authentic and one of the most cultural spots of San Diego. Downtown Chula Vista is my favorite spot because it has many locally-owned businesses and parks.
There is a lot of things of things to do and everything is within a 20 minute drive. Chula Vista is also close to downtown San Diego where there is a lot of museums and a good night life.
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Chula Vista is a very safe city since not a lot of things happen and most of the people who live there are friendly. I love how calm it is and how there are so many wonderful and fun places to explore.
Chula Vista is the place where I grew up and am continuing to grow up in. A lot of the people here are very nice and the neighborhoods are very clean. The houses are usually renovated nicely and are all pretty modern. There are a lot of stores that are very useful for the residents as well as lots of sports teams for kids to join.
I my favorite part of all Chula Vista is the food! Tacos de Poblano(in Rancho Del Rey by Costco), Miguel's, Lolitas, Yoshinoya, and Sushya are my favorites. There are many sit down places that offer tables to study aside from Starbucks like Panera, HappyLemon, and Lollicup. The malls in Fashion Valley, Bonita, and Otay Ranch are nice to hang out with friends and stroll through for hours. I do wish that here in Chula Vista and in my school district they invested more into our schools in terms of cleanliness and quality(both campus and teachers.)
Semi-nice, good places to eat, very nice shopping centers, especially Otay Ranch Shopping Center. Good stores to shop around
I love Chula Vista! I've grown up here ever since I was five years old. It's always been very fun, clean, diverse, and safe. Of course, this is all in my personal experience. I know people that haven't had the same experience such as girls experiencing sexual assault back in high school. Also, I think that people here have the tendency of normalizing the use of racial slurs such as the n word. This saddens me and as much as I love Chula Vista, I can't let that slide.
Chula Vista is a multicultural city that is peaceful and quiet with the amazing southern California weather.
I have only lived here for less than a year, however these have got to be some of the nicest people I have ever met. Everywhere I go whether it is to the store, for a walk, or even just outside of my house they always make an effort to communicate with me. I love it!! They do not even know me, but when they greet me it is like a sense of safety and good energy. It is like they have the mindset of they will protect the ones in their community. There are so many people who are just walking, running, riding their bikes, and there is always little kids playing down the street. I really enjoy this neighborhood and city that I currently live in. The only thing I would like to see change is more diversity in the area.
I have been living in chula vista since i was in the 7th grade. Moved here from Calexico in 2001. I love living in chula vista, it feels like home even though i did not grow up here. Downtown chula vista is gorgeous, you are able to have a lot of land in certain areas and the commute to places does not take long. not a lot of traffic. Homes are affordable.
Chula Vista is a nice place to be able to start a family. It is constantly growing because of the military families. There are new schools, malls, and restaurants being built all the time. The people in Chula Vista are so diverse because of the military. There are people around from a lot of different backgrounds. It not only is a place to try new foods, it is a place to learn about different cultures.
I’ve lived in Chula Vista for 30 years, west chula and East chula. While East Chula is “modern” and seemingly’s worse than a lot of people know. It is over run with high schools, meaning it is over run with high school kids and little to no police presence. For the high rents they charge there, id never recommend anyone moving there. Millenia isn’t a hotbed of small crimes possibly due to the low income housing. West chula has its bad areas as well but it is not so crowded with high schools, it feels safer and quieter. There are more things to do on 3rd and less trouble making kids.
I live in the eastern part of Chula Vista in Otay Ranch near Eastlake and really like the community.
Chula Vista is a very nice place to live. The schools are very good as well as the homes. I like how you are able to enjoy the California beach life and a normal life at the same time. Although there are a lot of people, it is still one of the best places to live.
Chula Vista, especially the Otay Ranch and Eastlake area, are quickly being developed and are maintained nice and clean as possible. This area has many parks to take my kids and enjoy a nice sunny afternoon.
Chula Vista is beautiful! The community is diverse and has everything needed for a comfortable lifestyle. It is a safe region with great schools. Chula Vista is a very nice place to live in.
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Chula Vista has positives and negatives. It all depends on which part of Chula Vista you live in. The west or east. West Chula Vista gets the ocean breeze but has a lot more poor families. The East is a new development neighborhood and is a cleaner area, better rating schools, and has middle-class residents.
I recall moving into the city of Chula Vista when I was little and was amazing of how tall the trees were. I couldn't believe I was going to live in this house with my family and call it mine. So many memories created in this city from being friends with my neighbors who are car enthusiasts to skateboarding to the two lovely parks I have nearby or playing volleyball with my dad outside the house and failing miserably to spike the ball. Other than that, it is an amazing city in which the weather is just right and in the summertime we open all the windows and feel the cool summer breeze drift throughout the house. What I truly love about Chula Vista is the nature aspect of this city. Trees are found everywhere you look, left and right. When spring comes around all the flowers just seem to bloom even brighter as it begins to rain more frequently. From making memories to enjoying the amazing nature around me, I am proud to be living in this wonderful city.
One thing I enjoy about living in Chula Vista is how close everything is, regarding places to eat, shop, and enjoy multiple options in entertainment. However, one thing I would change is placing more gas station in the Otay ranch/eastlake area.
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