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I grew up here and hated it. Now as an adult I see that Choctaw is actually a great place to raise a family. Small but spread out community. The cliques are awful and the Choctaw moms are super narcissistic. The sports are mediocre at best but with the town being so close to other schools it makes for a fun upbringing because you get to know kids from all around.
I love the small town feel of Choctaw, but close enough to the hustle and bustle of the big city. It has all you need nearby, without the need to travel 20+ minutes to get what you need. Close enough to base to be there when needed, but far enough away to separate your civilian life from your military life.
Our schools are behind as far as resources and facilities are concerned, which is an ad valorem funding issue. Our city leadership is difficult in dealings with potential businesses, so we are losing substantial growth to a community east of here.
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Choctaw is a nice, homey suburb. I wish there were more restaurants or a more established center of town. Other than that, the people are nice and the terrain is very pretty. I love all of the trees.
Choctaw is a small town with a big heart. Everyone here is super nice and I never ran into any issues. I would like to see more restaurants though.
I have lived in Choctaw for my entire life and I have had wonderful experiences here. I attend Choctaw High School and the staff and students are always warm and welcoming. The drama program alone at the high school, with 13 state championships at the time of this review, reflects the excellence of Choctaw High School. There is a bit of a trash problem on the campus, but many clubs and organizations at the school are making committed efforts to solve the issue.
I have lived in Choctaw for about 9 years now and i have never had any problems with it. I love how it's not too big but its not too small and mostly everyone knows each other and is kind to one another. I lived in Moore for the first few years of my life and it is way too populated and crowded and it's always busy. I will definitely be living in choctaw for as long as i can!
The people here are friendly and we all work together in the community to make it better. Choctaw is contently growing. We are getting new business in the community.
Choctaw Oklahoma is a smaller town then say Oklahoma City, But the community here is very active and there is usually something new going on. I like the comfortable living spaces and freedom to walk around without fear due to most people being very friendly. I would like to see the public education system changed a bit in order to help students in better categories as well as good housing markets as most of the houses here are fixer-uppers.
I like the country feel to Choctaw, and the close access to businesses in Midwest City. I do not like the lack of community events here. I think if we had more local high quality entertainment would be better.
Nice neighborhoods spread out. No neighbors hovering over your fence. Small town feel only 20 minutes away from the city. Good schools and responsive city management.
What I love about Choctaw, is how small it is. I grew up in Moore and everything was so busy all the time, people always in a rush or needing to be somewhere. I got to Choctaw and everything slowed down, I felt like I could breathe again. I miss Moore with my whole heart, but I would never leave Choctaw, it is my home. I have so many friends and memories about this place, I never want to leave, but being a senior means having to make big changes in my life. Choctaw used to terrify me, it was so small and underdeveloped, but it is just like Moore almost, it keeps growing and growing, I love small towns and while Choctaw may not be as small as it used to, it still is a wonderful place filled with so much heart and love. I am blessed to be apart of it.
Most people are kind, noone knows how to drive and the "rich" people are selfish. People in choctaw will drive like they are the only ones on the road and some people will even cut you off for no reason. I feel like it would be more popular with maybe a little less fast food and a restraunt. I wish there were more family activities as well. Other then its flaws, choctaw is a growing town.
I've only lived in Choctaw for about 7 years now and I like it so much better than Oklahoma City. I've met a lot of new friends since moving here, I go to an amazing school with all of my friends. There are a lot of options of places to eat which is really nice. The people at the businesses are very kind. There are a lot of opportunities in the community for people to get involved, and a lot of people get involved and it is really nice.
I love the small-town feel Choctaw gives off but also the distance it gives you. For example, when you visit choctaw's local Walmart you most likely will see 3-5 people you know there but at the same time you will see tons of new faces that you can interact with and get to know. Choctaw continues to grow every year and has grown into a 6A school and has had a lot more buisnesses move into this area. I love the way this town all comes together to the high school football games or choctaw high schools homecoming. The whole town shows up and lines the streets holding out bags or holding up cameras to either get candy from all the different kids or taking photos of all the different floats decorated to that years theme. This community is a wonderful place to live and i will live here the rest of my life. There are so many opportunites so close to you in this town and a lot of opportunities to connect with people that you may love and get to know easily and non-forceably.
Choctaw is an amazing place to live. Between the kids and all there wonderful activities, and the great schools; its the best place to live.
I've lived here for 6 years and the high school was decent but had a lot of bad reputation for the pregnancies. There isn't much to do in Choctaw, but the commute to the city, around 20-30 minutes, isn't too bad. Everything you can do is within an hours drive.
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I have grown up in the small town of Choctaw Oklahoma. I have seen it change and grow with me as well. Considering that I have lived here my entire life, I know the town and the people quite well. Choctaw is full of thriving businesses and friendly people, looking to live simple and happy lives. It's a great place to raise kids or settle down in. Choctaw has everything you need, but still has a small-town feel to it.
This is a small suburb east of Oklahoma City. The schools here are average. It has a small town feel with large city access nearby. We have both mom and pop and big box stores in this area. Multiple restaurants are nearby. We also have dentists, clinics, and doctor offices all within minutes of most neighborhoods in Choctaw. There are no movie theaters or clubs in Choctaw but there are several bars and pubs. It is a minimally diverse area. Most people are white and Christian. They are very conservative in this area. Crime is low. This is a pleasant place to live and raise your family.
The city has developed very well and is actively listening to its residents. So many aspects of the community are beneficial to its residents. The schools systems are wonderful for the children and more and more businesses are becoming available each year.
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