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Love the hills, trails, and nature. Love the communities, animal friendly and several shopping and restaurants to enjoy.
I've lived in Chino Hills my entire life and love the community. I feel safe and respected. I recommend those looking for a place to settle down to consider coming to Chino Hills.
Chino Hills is a great city to raise a family. I have lived here since I was born and I have always felt safe in the neighborhoods and local shopping areas.
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It's certainly a nice neighborhood with a few shops here and there that are pretty good. Definitely safe and welcoming.
Chino Hills is the best area in Southern California. The area is diverse and very safe, with great schools and community areas. There are beautiful parks for children and even gorgeous dog parks for big and small. Hiking through the nature preserve is beautiful and scenic, and the Shoppes in Chino Hills are perfect for all your shopping needs. The city is perfectly situated between Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Orange County, making it the perfect place to live and raise a family.
I love that it is a small town and everything is close by. The neighbors are friendly and helpful, they have great schools.
Chino Hills is a very friendly and convenient city.Everything you need is within 5 miles around you. Chino Hills is a very resourceful, and friendly city. Definitely would recommend families moving here due to the school district being really good as well.
I love this city so many options of food to eat and plenty of exciting places to visit. Very safe area
i live in chino hills and i love it. there's so much to do with friends and i never get bored. i also feel pretty safe.
The Community is very organized. There are many community events throughout the year but specially over the summer. People are very friendly. Students participate in community service actively and have a good atittude. There is the shops that creates a relax environment of commerce, were many families and friends go shopping or just walking around to spend time together. More concurrent places are centralized, which makes it easier to know where to go. The libary is placed next to the high school which makes it facilitates students to go there by walking. The parks are clean and have a good care. On community events there are always secury near by and the police is very close to the concurrent places. There are also many trails to hike and enjoy the beauty of nature. Even thought the city of Chino Hills is well developed, there are still some farming areas, which balances out the habitat. There are still many places for people to construct more buildings as the city still developing.
Listening to crickets chirping and smelling the crisp morning air when I'm walking through the Chino Hills State Park is how I normally start my day. In the summertime, I hang out at the "Shoppes" and parks with friends, enjoying the tribute bands that perform and create fond memories within my city. With the community constantly growing there are many unique forms of entertainment, activities, and places that everyone can enjoy. Due to the increasing population, much of the natural environment in Chino Hills has been bought and urbanized to better accommodate people and bring in money. However, I believe this destruction of land has been occurring too rapidly, ruining the city's original charm. For example, to the immediate east of my high school, an empty plot of land was converted into a shopping center, with tons of town homes, a hotel and plans for additional development. Hopefully, we can create a balance between the population growth and preserving the city's natural beauty.
Chino hills is a very well rounded city. We have so many good places to go such as food spots and someone even good trails.
It is a very quiet little city that is safe. There are a lot of good places to check out over here, like The Shoppes. I'd like to see more local businesses/thrift stores around and some record shops.
I have stayed here since I was born. It's a great place where you have a little bit of everything, urban, suburban, and rural feel. It's a very man-in-the-middle type of place because it is 45 minutes away from all major cities in Los Angeles: Downtown, Long Beach, Irvine, Beverly Hills, and Wrightwood!
Chino hills is a great city with many things to. There are many beautiful hills and trails to climb and get views of the city. There are also many commercial places like the shoppes to eat and hang out. Everyone here is very nice and it is a wonderful area to raise a family.
Chino Hills a a small town but it still has everything you would need at pretty much hands reach. The schools are great and the people are wonderful. My favorite part of Chino Hills are all the Boba store options. However, the downfall but could be seen as a good is that the house prices are very high but in California all house tend to be very expensive. Hence, Chino Hills is a lovely and quiet place to live in.
Friendly neighbors, clean city, great eateries! I've lived in Chino Hills my whole life and love how clean and safe the city feels.
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The city of Chino Hills provides individuals with a wide variety of opportunities as well as amazing public education. The city is known for holding many state, section, even world championships for high school sports and activities. There is a plethora of options to dine within Chino Hills as well as places to go shopping, spend an evening out, or hike along beautiful trails in the Chino Hills State Park.
Perfect. Everything from its beautiful parks to the architecture, it has grown a lot since a decade.
Chino Hills is a very nice place to live and grow up. It has beautiful scenery and a very tight community feel.
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