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People suck
I hate people
The academics are kind of ok sometimes
The food can also sometimes be ok I guess
My friend almost got ran over twice yesterday
Save him
A safe small town in the middle of wisconsin. There is not much of a nightlife in this town, but that is the tradeoff for the safety. Good public school system
There isn't that much crime in the small town of Chilton. However, when the police are needed during an accident they don't respond quickly, considering how small of a town it is.
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Chilton has a good community, but I like the city a lot more. Chilton is a great place for people who enjoy quiteness. It is a small town so pretty much everyone knows each other. There are a few small businesses in town and fast food restaurants. Overall it's a nice place, but I enjoy meeting new people daily and discovering new places, so it's not my ideal place.
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