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I enjoy living in this area. I like the fact the community "feel" of the area. This community is also a walking community. There are small parks and playgrounds for children and adults. Another addition is the community recreation center. This center has a pool, workout equipment, and class for very reasonable prices, especially for seniors. I think all of these amenities make the area a good place to live.
I would like to see the street lights working up and down Chillum Road. I would also like for the police to curtail the use of sirens after midnight.
I have been in the area for 8 years. Over the years, The Crime rate has reduced and people feel safer. I enjoy the fact that we are surrounded with shopping centers, easy access to subways and buses, and schools. The area has developed over these few years with good infrastructures and good roads. Older apartment complexes have been rebuild, and renovated. Although homes are more expensive now, they are safer, comfortable, and free from bugs and other dangerous minerals.
The housing can be better
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The area is great but it could be better.
There isn't much crime in the area.
The small town of Hyattsville will definitely grow better and stronger throughout the years. I've seen it at its worst and bests and there has been more good times than bad.
It may be a little redundant in the neighborhood, but other than that there are some entertainments and events that come up in the city.
I do not worry too much about the crime, given that the only crime that happened in the area are small petty theft of gas store in other areas. In the end they are as usual caught by the Montgomery police. If there ever happen to be a serious crime, I am certain the police will be on time.
The area does have its dull moments, but in the end it is quite a site to gaze at from my perspective due to its pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.
i feel safe, there aren't many crimes happening
This isn't the best neighborhood but its ok
Not much happens it seems.
Too much construction and not much new opportunities for employment. Everything also seems to far away from where I am.
I have heard of some crimes, but it isn't a serious problem.
I see it becoming more developed with more stores and opportunities for people.
It's not the BEST, but its calm and enjoyable and not much crimes.
The atmosphere here is very peaceful. They are building new stores and homes. There are many things to do in this area.It looks like the population in this area is growing. Many people from other states come here to find a job. Even though in certain areas it is expensive, it is a comfortable to live in.
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This area would be great if you are only living here temporarily. It was nice the first two years but after, you realize there are better quality places at a better life.
I think that this area is okay , but if I had the opportunity to move I would.
Transportation is great and convenient.
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