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This is a beautiful town. It’s growing and improving every year. It is a diverse area with opportunities of all kinds for housing, education, small businesses and friends. The only thing I would change is lowering the property taxes.
Great suburb of Rochester. Churchville-Chili High School is a great school to go to especially if you're looking to go into a STEM field.
Growing up in Chili, I found that the community worked together. I moved to this town in 4th grade and graduated from Gates Chili High School. The community always helps each other. I was part of many programs as a high schooler where we would go to the middle and elementary school to help with students during their class. As a music student, every year, we would hold a "bottles and can drive" to raise money for the trips we would go on, and the community would either donate bottles and cans or come help sort them with the students. It was a fantastic journey to be part of this community.
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I grew up in chili, with that being said I think that plays a role in why I like the community. Overall I have enjoyed my experience in this town. I think that it’s a safe town to live in and have a family in. If I could change something’s about this town it would be to have less littering/pollution, more community events, and more family owned/small businesses. One change I would like that we have no control over is the weather. Rochester weather is awful, you can have fall, winter, spring, and summer all in one day. I would recommend living in this town, it’s affordable and has great schools! I enjoy the diversity that we have in this area, there are so many people from different backgrounds and cultures. I think that is important to have, especially when you are raising kids.
Chili is a very nice town that has beautiful scenery to it. It is also an overall safe place to live with affordable homes and services in the area.
Very family friendly and great schools. Many stores near where I live and not too busy. Great place to love with children
I love the town of North Chili and the surrounding area. There is so much around and so many things to do at anytime. It is a quiet, peaceful, and attractive area.
It is a very safe, family friendly neighborhood. Sometimes I don't even lock the door and I feel safe. It isn't very densely populated but it isn't out in the middle of nowhere either. There are lots of grocery stores and alot of places you need to go on a regular basis i.e: The post office, bank, laundry mat etc. The people are also very friendly. There is Roberts Wesleyan College which provides sporting events to go and see and a real sense of community. I would definitely recommend it.
I love the people here. It's so quiet and kind. We have everything within walking distance and wonderful neighborhoods. I can't imagine living somewhere else, but when it's time, it's time to say the goodbyes. I always recommend people to move within this area. I mean, my Uncle is moving his family here! Especially love Fourth of July Weekend!!!!
Chili is a fairly average mid-sized town. There are several small and large businesses, including stores and restaurants. People are fairly friendly.
I lived in Chili all my life. Chili is a safe and friendly community. I love that there are big businesses and small just a few minute drive from my home.
Chili is an area that is great for families and has everything you need. Target, Wegmans, Kmart, Walgreens. All of your needs at your fingertips. It is a close knit community with lots of friendly neighbors.
A few issues with break ins or small crimes, overall safe in the suburban areas
Nice Suburban area, within 20 minutes of most attractions, generally light traffic
Crime does occur, but police are on top of their feet and quick to respond when anything happens.
Loved growing up where I live. Friendly neighborhood, always something fun to do. Close to major businesses while also being set apart from the chaos of a city life. Definitely would stick around and raise a family here myself.
Friendly neighbors, and expanding local business
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There are some small crimes nothing big.
Chili is great it is close to everything
There are always police cars sitting on Chili Avenue right in Chili Center, watching for speeding cars. The area is generally safe and I feel that this is unnecessary.
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