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ever since i moved to oak lawn about 2 years ago everything has been pretty calm . People in the neighborhood are friendly, people care about your safety more than where i used to live back in pilsen . Everything is more green , there definitely is more trees and plants and way more animals like bunnies ,racoons.. theres alot of local restaurants that are pretty good too . i like the environment and the neighboorhood.
I love Chicago Ridge. Over years of me living here I have realized how safe it is and how wonderful of a community it is. I have the greatest memories growing up here and I would never want to change any of that. I am the fourth generation to live in Chicago Ridge. Our family especially knows everyone being that we have been here this long but it is a cool feature how everyone knows everyone in this town. Chicago Ridge offers many fun things to do, eating at various restaurants and walking our beautiful mall are two common activities. Overall Chicago Ridge is a great place to live, I would recommend it to anyone. Nothing needs to change in my opinion, our town is excellent.
Chicago Ridge is a wonderful suburb south west of the city of Chicago. It’s a very quite area with plenty to do. Numerous amounts of restaurants and salons, shopping stores, taverns and bars, movie theater, child friendly locations and all. It’s also affordable in terms of rent , parking, and utilities. There’s always plenty of community events going on all year long. A wonderful place to live and have a peace of mind.
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i like how friendly everyone is, and that there are many parks. very nice to be next to a train for commuting to work, you do have to pay for parking for the train which is a bummer though. Neighbors are pretty nice.
nice landscaping. schools nearby. big shopping center with many different cultures stores nearby. very safe. very convienient to public transportation. good location. quiet.
I like that it's a lot of things that are close by. There is a mall, grocery stores, walmart, and theater within in minutes away. Although my children don't go to school in the area, they do bus the kids to school, which I'm sure is very convenient for parents. There is also a park not to far that offers various programs and events to keep kids active and entertained. I've lived in Chicago Ridge for 10 years and no safety issues to date.
Grew up in a little town of Chicago Ridge, IL. It is peaceful and the community is very family oriented. Everyone knows everyone. I love most about Chicago Ridge is the planning and preparation for our annual fear every summer. Always look forward to attending and they normally have a celebrity band come. One year they had Keanu Reeves band, Dogstar play. For a small community they pull out all the strings!
I recently moved to Chicago Ridge two months ago. So far, my experience has been very positive. The neighborhood in Chicago Ridge is very calm and quiet. It is a very pleasant neighborhood.
I have lived in Chicago Ridge for my whole life. The public school is not accountable. If you work at getting an education it is there to be had. You can easily escape any accountability in class if you choose, and then, you will not be ready for college. There is no night life other than the 5 or so bars. The parks are pretty good.
Great area with great schools. It is very safe to bring your family and friends. Restaurants and events/activities around there are great.
Chicago Ridge is a cute little town with easy access to the highway. It's nice because if ever you wanted to go downtown, its not too far. There are also plenty of places that you can go to eat.
I Like that Chicago Ridge is a very quiet town, but the stores here close to early. I think that if they stores stay open longer it would make the great. People have to drive at night to other cities just to shop at night.
I have always called Chicago ridge my home, it is a great place to live in. However the only major attraction for Chicago Ridge is the Chicago ridge mall. Other than that their isn't anything to particular Chicago ridge is known for. It is a small town with 1 major road running through it. Chicago ridge has quiet and safe neighborhoods, making it a good place to live if you do not like foot traffic and real traffic. I recommend anyone to live in Chicago ridge because the neighborhoods are safe and the public administration is at the top of the game. The police and firefighters can respond quickly to calls because of how small the town is, so you'll never have to worry about when help will arrive.
I enjoy the area because it is very pleasant and quite. The one thing I would like to see changed in the area is the way local playgrounds are kept clean. It could use a little more attention, especially the wood chips children play on.
I have lived in Chicago ridge for almost 2 year and overall I enjoy living there. I like how quiet it is and it is family friendly. I have not experienced the nightlife yet because I usually go out of the area to the city. I would like to see more diversity in my area and also more programs aimed at involving community members so that people can get to know each other better.
I would say Chicago Ridge is a diverse, family orientated town. Located at the heart of the south suburbs of Chicago, there are plenty of shopping centers to go to, restaurants for family gatherings, and forest parks to relax in during the weekend. With low crime rates, the towns people of Chicago Ridge feel secure. Safety is the number one priority for the Chicago Ridge Police Department that they take pride in everyday during their patrols around the neighborhood. With summer time visits from multiple circus attractions, and tons of authentic Irish pubs located near the city center makes this city truly one of a kind place to grow up in and live.
Nice place to live, everything is close by and fairly easy to get access to. The residents are united together and share a pride in their town. Everyone can interact and entertain themselves as well.
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I moved to Chicago Ridge, Il two years ago. My biggest concern was adjusting in the new environment. Although, I was glad to find out that they had a library in my district, which was a big issue in my last residential area. In addition, I was amazed to see a huge diversity of culture, people and taste. Fast forwarding life, It will be two years next month, and I can proudly conclude that finally, I found my home.
Living in Chicago Ridge allowed me to be particularly close to the city of Chicago with the comfort of living in a quaint suburban town. By living in such a town, it provided a feeling of a close-knit community and endless opportunities to support my education. The future of the youth is very important to the town of Chicago Ridge considering the implementations of a variety of programs that acknowledge the hard work and drive of students of all age groups. Being a member of this community drove my motivation and success in my education.
There is a large problem with rats in the area. There are many unkept and abandoned lots that are housing large burrows. A few businesses have been shut down because of health violations due to rats, and there was a recent town hall meeting on how to deal with the sudden influx of rats. Sadly, not much has been done about the rat problem by the local government. Instead, residents have taken to solving the issue by tracking where large rat populations are, as well as buying large amounts of traps and giving them out for free to other residents in order to try and curb the large amount of rats.
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