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I like Chicago. I mainly grew up in Chicago. It has nice buildings, nice landscape, and many activities to do.
It is very unsafe here and the public edu. lacks It is very affordable however and thhere are many nice aspects to the city.
Chicago is a great city to live or visit. The late night walks down the lake front and downtown scenery is to die for. Lets not forget the midnight boat cruises down lake Michigan and the beautiful firework shows. Chicago is also known for its great food. This city is so diverse that you never can get enough of it. For instance, if you go to the south end of the city you may will see a strong presence of the African American Culture. Further north you will come across Pilsen and Little Village. This area has more of the Mexican culture. If you go further north you will come across Greek Town and Little Italy. The University of Illinois at Chicago is surrounded by these two beautiful cultures. As you go further north passing North avenue you will come across Humble Park. This area has a strong Puerto Rican Culture with live music. Through out the year the city of Chicago goes threw many changes. For example in the spring you enjoy the beautiful plants blossoming.
Sweet Home Chicago.
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Chicago is full of life and different perspectives. Chicago has many things to offer such as: food, drinks, activity's, landscapes.
I have lived in Chicago for eight of the past fourteen years, and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!
I'm one to be very critical of my city, though in times of distress and hardship, I have always felt that Chicago provides a wonderful support net. The atmosphere of the city is lively and exciting. Having been born and raised here, I enjoy people watching tourists who are admiring the city as much as I do. Sometimes forgetting the magic of the city, winter snows turn it into a sparkling wonderland, though there is always a lack of holiday decorations. The CPD is not great, though the CFD is always wonderful and kind and the CTA has always been helpful and kind to me. The city fails its schools on the south and west sides, only providing significant funding to the selective enrollment schools. Though Chicago is very diverse, it is one of the most segregated cities I've ever been in. There is a clear division between socio economic status in the city, the city values its northside residents much more than its south and west side residents and it does not provide much support.
My experience has been quite unique. I have experienced all sides of the town, the North, the South, and the East. Downtown Chicago is truly like no other. Not only the skyline unbeatable but the food is an entire experience like no other. Chicago's food is a bit of all culture from around the world but with a few its own twists.
Chicago is a big city to live in. It is also very diverse. I want to change the way COVID-19 has affected our lives.
Chicago is a city that is is beautiful but there is more to see than just the towering apartments near Navy Pier. We don't usually consider the neighborhoods in the south and the communities there. There is honestly a lot of violence and police brutality that goes on, that isn't spoken about. Housing isn't affordable and a lot of public schools have had to shut down due poor funding. But, I love my people in this city. They are nothing but hardworking, especially my Hispanic neighbors who strive for the best every single day.
I've lived in Chicago for my entire life and I've always thought it was an incredible community of people. I live here, work here, and I plan to attend college here as well. There are a few occasional inconviences, it's not perfect, but it's the only home I know, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
The city has very beautiful views, the people are so welcoming and it is easy to blend in and set yourself up here. Happy with my decision to come here.
It's a beautiful city, with a lot of scenic parks for biking and running and tons of amazing little shops and great museums and libraries. But the crime rate is high, and the city is very segregated, so just be careful about what neighborhoods you choose to wander around in. The city can be volatile, but it can also be very passionate; a place for activism and to find people you belong with.
It's a nice city (not counting the crime, of course). I wouldn't ever live here, but it's a great place to visit once twice, three times, and more. The UChicago campus is pretty safe, though, just not downtown Chicago outside of the campus.
I love living in Chicago with all its amazing scenery and diversity! People from all over come to visit this beautiful city and amazing skyline. I like my neighborhood very much. Everyone is really nice and helpful, like a second family. I think everyone should experience visiting and taking in the sights and of course the awesome food!
Whether or not you have a good time in the city of Chicago depends on three things. If you have money, connections, or luck. This is not an easy city to raise a family in. There are constant shootings and incidents of police brutality however if you have enough money to move to a nice neighborhood these things may not affect you. It's not all bad the culture of chicago is incredible I love the city since there's always something to do. However your mileage may vary based off income levels
I really miss Chicago. There were great people there, a sense of pride, and the food was the best I've had in the country. If it were warmer and had more outdoor activities, I never would have left.
I love this city! Fantastic place to live. It's not the safest but the public transit system is fairly easy to navigate.
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Let me start off by saying, I LOVE CHICAGO!! Chicago is diverse in its own ways that most outside people don't understand. Chicago isn't all poor places and gangs, it is beautiful and friendly. I love sitting on my porch or driving around parts of the city to help see the view. Of course we come across danger at some point, however Chicago shouldn't be represented by it. I believe if someone was to come in Chicago and tour it, they will love it to.
I love Chicago, it is an amazing city with culture, people, food, sports and music. Anything you want you can find here. There is some civil unrest and the city has a history of segregation across city lines that have pushed certain communities into further poverty and violence. This is very said and I hope we can turn it around because it is an amazing city.
My experience living in Chicago has been difficult. I have experienced rough times, challenging times, but in spite of the circumstances, I have persevered through it all. I would love to see no racism, peace, no violence, diversity being accepted. I would love to see the neighborhood living conditions much better.
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