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Its a very quiet area I cannot complain. I grew up in this area my whole life it is not much going on they have some events which are fun
Low crime rate area. Prompt police response and family oriented. Don’t believe whatever negativity is said about this town, it’s truly a great place to live.
Cheverly Maryland is a very nice place to live really peaceful and quite. There are never any problems in the neighborhood and it is a very safe place to live. It is also very family friendly if you have children that you are raising. There is a really nice pool and two lovely parks in the neighborhood.
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Nice small residential town in Maryland. I've lived here for over 10 years. My only complaint is that you have to drive to the local grocery store. Many of the residents here are blue collar workers and respectable people. Dog friendly and very many nature like paths.
I have lived their all my life and the community looks out for one another. It is also very diverse and everyone is friendly
Residing in the community of Cheverly, MD, I have witnessed so much togetherness. The neighbors look out for each other as well as for the children of the community. It is refreshing to see a wide range of families of different nationalities and religions speak to one another as well as participate in organizing community activities. The neighbors truly stick together as a family unit. The local police officers of Cheverly are very attentive and look after the community at all times.
I loved living in Cheverly, M.D. The people are very warm and hospitable. The environment is clean and peaceful and their homes are very affordable.
Cheverly, Maryland is a wonderful place to live guaranteed. Very safe and nice area. Doesn't have a lot of noise and neighborhoods are very quiet. Plenty of stores around with shopping malls and areas not too far away.
Quiet and hilly town. Wonderful to not hear buses and cars at all times of the night. Good neighbors and good property values. Great way to live in a smaller town while still being near big cities. Centrally located makes getting to just about anywhere simple.
I was born and raised in Cheverly and found it to be a wonderful place to live. My two best friends, whom I've known since babies on pacifiers also grew up in Cheverly. The neighborhood is beautiful and the neighbors are very friendly and caring. Two of my neighbors actually wrote recommendations for me when I went to college. Every year the neighborhood gets together for various occasions such as Cheverly Day, the Thanksgiving Turkey Run and Christmas Celebrations. We also have an American Legion where many of the Cheverly neighbors meet. There are a number of churches and places to worship and fellowship. The town is well-maintained and very accessible to malls, recreation and tourist attractions. I can't think of a better place to grow up. Cheverly will always be a wonderful place to live to me, my family and my friends.
The community is friendly enough. People are neighborly with each other. There are a number of community events like Cheverly Day. The community center hosts a lot of programs for residents. The local elementary school serves as Cheverly's polling place during political elections. The United Methodist Church in Cheverly is active in the community and hosts programs and has resources for the community. The community is very pet friendly. A lot residents, particularly those living in houses, own pets. They walk pets around in the neighborhood.
The police are visible enough in the community. I hear reports about neighborhood watch groups and their efforts, but I do not know this group personally.

Safety fluctuates. There have ongoing reports about vehicle and home break ins in Cheverly.
The general atmosphere is okay, overall. I would choose to live here again, if I could live in a house. The apartment complex where I live does not have rent control and the rent increases every year.

The area is decent, but there needs to be more businesses around locally. There are no major sit-down restaurants. There should be some kind of a large scale business here. Cheverly needs a library, a major retail department store, or something popular to offer residents in the area of business.

The local police department is small, but effective. In general, they provide good service to the local community. They respond quickly to resident concerns and work residents on issues as needed.

Cheverly is diverse and I can see it becoming more diverse in the future. A number of races and ethnicity make up this community.
nice houses , great space between houses
Great place to live in ,
There are not that many employment opportunities in this particular town, there are some in neighboring areas in the county. Most of the jobs in this town are small business and fast food.
This town is small. There are some gas stations, some covenience stores, a hotel near the BW Parkway, and a hospital center. You can get some of what you need, but often you have to go to other neighboring areas to get items. There are no sit down restaurants around here.
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