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Chesterland is a quiet, safe suburb of Cleveland with a great school district, beautiful park system, and is only 30 min from downtown Cleveland. Most homes have nice backyards so you can have pets and it is a great place to raise a family.
Chesterland Ohio is a very middle class suburban town. Lots of elderly folks and churches. Very Republican.
I have grown up in Chesterland, Ohio and always loved it. There are so many wonderful things to appreciate that the list grows on. I have found living in a suburb that even through you are not close to the city and most of the time you need to drive to what you need to get too, there are other beauties to value when living somewhere like Chesterland, Ohio.
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Chesterland is a city that reminds me of what America truly should be...friendly neighborhoods, low crime, privacy, and a great place to raise little ones. Highly rated as far as I'm concerned.
A very nice small town with excellent schools. Very safe place to live with great restaurants. Not much nightlife, but it's quiet.
Getting too big. Wish there were more if a concerted effort to preserve green space, still there are still some pretty spots. The downtown area is an eyesore of poor planning and land use with several empty strip malls that have no ascetic value. It's location close to Cleveland is nice for the convenience, but unfortunately it has come with an influx of people who want live in the "country" only to realize the house they and their neighbors just built has taken the country away. Still there are some good places too. Guido's pizza is a county landmark and there is a few good places to find an apple if you need one. Like any area there is good and bad, good people and bad people. If you don't like snow, Chesterland probably is not a good choice but if you like a semi rural area with decent schools and close proximity to Cleveland, then it is not a bad area.
Chesterland is a cute small town full of kind and friendly people. There are several local parks and nature walks. The local schools are wonderful, great opportunitys for education and after school activitys.
The food in this area is great, we have a new bar called "The buck stop" and they have great food. We also have an amazing Mexican restaurant. For the bar and night life options there is not a whole lot to do. Everything in Chesterland closes around 10pm.
The job outlook for this area is mostly family owned business or a small franchise. Most people that live in Chesterland that are successful do not have jobs around here. They travel at least 15-45 minutes to go to their jobs. Chesterland is mostly for small businesses.
The local business in this area are all small and more family owned. The food and the salons are great, you can always find great bar food. You can't get everything you need in this area. It is a very small area, so the shops and grocery stores are very small and don't have a wide variety of things you need. Now on the other hand if your looking for some quick groceries then its perfect for you.
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