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Moving to Chesterfield has been a great choice. I love how its a very small town where everyone knows each other. Chesterfield has one of the best schools out of their whole entire county. Chesterfield really supports their High School no matter what but i would love to see the community actually come together every once in a while. Everywhere you go there's a smiling face and it really just warms the heart. Even there isn't a lot of entertainment in Chesterfield i would recommend people to come visit.
Chesterfield is a good area for families. It's a very small and pretty town. Everyone knows one another and some will treat you like family even though you aren't. The only thing I didn't like about Chesterfield in my teenage years was that there was nothing to do in my little town! We don't even have a walmart!
Chesterfield is a small town great for people looking to raise a family or retire. Going up here was difficult but it made me who I am today.
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I grew up in Chesterfield and I love it. The only thing about here is there is no place for personal or work growth. I will not be living in Chesterfield once I graduate college because of that reason.
Needs improvement in schools and job market. The town is family friendly but not to outsiders. Life in small town is nice for raising kids but not ideal in prospering. Takes 45 minutes to get to a Target.
Chesterfield, SC is an extremely small town. There is not a lot to do and no where good to eat. I would love to see some better restaurants come to this area! I would also like to see a movie theater, bowling alley or skating rink come to this area. Chesterfield, SC is a very quaint area and it has so much southern charm. There is also a ton of history in this area. I'm sure that Chesterfield is probably just another little town to pass though on your way to wherever, but for me, it is my home. I would love to see some positive changes happen for this small town!
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