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Quiet neighborhoods, friendly people, good school district, clean and spacious local park, overall excellent place to live!
it’s a very peaceful neighborhood. there are many green spaces which are very pleasant to walk around.
Living in Chesterbrook is very pleasant and feels safe. The TESD school district is wonderful. The things I have rated lower (nightlife, affordability, and diversity) are not things that are easily changed. There is not a nightlife in the suburbs, and it's hard to make an area diverse. The area is very unaffordable due to the great school district and people trying to get into it.
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Before living in Chesterbrook, I lived in Northeast Philadelphia with my four siblings and parents. When I had gotten the news we would be moving to Chesterbrook I was undoubtedly heartbroken as I would be leaving my friends and family behind in Philadelphia. However, after having spent a year living within Chesterbrook, I can say it is one of the safest neighborhoods I have lived in. The area is very family friendly, has amazing schools, and full of color. However, with great areas come downfalls. The lack of diversity within the area is quite disappointing coming from a mid suburban area. The area is also extremely costly due to the conditions of Chesterbrook and is amazing school district, making it difficult to give it a 5/5 rating.
I have lived in Chester County for 30 years and always knew of Chesterbrook. I thought it was another development - I recently moved into the community and have discovered it is the very model of what a planned community should be. It seems that there is as much open, green space as there is housing. A paradise for dog owners and folks that that appreciate walking in green space. The only need for improvement would be more stores at the plaza to minimize heading out of the community just to buy milk, for instance.
Area is clean and safe, neighbors are friendly but tend to keep to themselves, good gardening service, and parking service. There is also a park and shopping centers nearby.
This is an excellent place. Very safe. The people are wonderful. It is very close to all family related venues such as supermarkets, restaurants, state parks. It falls in an excellent school district. Quite a few colleges too, eg. Penn state, Villanova, etc. Philadelphia is about 45mins away.
I moved here and love it here. There is a huge park where my dog and I can Jog which has a pond and an outdoor amphitheater ,easy access to 202,etc...and so many nice people and dogs. The new townhouses are elevating the values of the older townhomes, and it's overall an amazingly safe, serene enclave. My dog has vast areas to play and see his "buddies" and there's an amazing dog walking company here( that gives my boy 2 walks a day at a great price! Great schools,huge park,dog fun...what else is there!
Great place to raise a family and the most economic way to get into the TE school district. We have lived here for 18 years and would not live anywhere else
The neighborhood is very safe.
We have never felt unsafe, older children can play outside without worrying about them, police are friendly and very responsive. We have had some break ins recently but that is about it.
Safe area to live in, schools are top notch and safe.
I love living in this area. I am now a college student and I miss this area everyday. I can't wait to come home on the weekends. Everyone is very friendly. I would definitely choose to live here again if I could do it all over again.
There is the Valley Forge National park close by and a lot of ther opportunities for outdoor activities.
There is virtually no violent crime in the area and it is very safe.
There are all different kinds of housing within a small area.
The weather is very variable thoughout the year. The winters are very cold and summers are hot.
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There are plenty of options available, although the nightlife is nonexistant.
There are many available jobs for many different businesses in the area.
There are plenty of small, local businesses, as well as larger companies. Many resutrants are smaller, mom-and-pop shops.
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