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I have loved growing up here. It is very central to most places and is a great meeting point between Cherry Creek and Highlands Ranch. It is super safe and the schools are amazing. I have loved everything here and it has been the best place to grow up.
Cherry Hills is a great place to live if you are looking for houses, schools, or country clubs. There are very few businesses in Cherry Hills but you're going to have to venture out for restaurants or stores of any kind.
It was a very nice and safe place to grow up. The issue is that many of the people where very entitled so you really had to be careful about who you hang around. A lot of people are very conscious about money, which could be good, but it became a problem with the amount of money. It is in a great school district and provided me with some of the top publics schools in the state
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So close to downtown yet you feel like you're miles away! The houses are not right on top of each other. There's lots of space, land, trail and parks. The people are friendly that you run into on the trails and you always feel safe.
Colorado is known for great weather. 300 days of sunshine and easy snow!
Mostly chain restaurants. All very clean and taken care of.
Everyone in the neighborhood is well-off but they all have to commute to their jobs. Those that work in the shopping centers nearby, live in cheaper parts of town.
Nearest strip mall has a variety of stuff, including mediocre dry cleaning and salons, a great antique store, wonderful liqour store, and a yoga studio I've never been in. It seems like every store closes up for business after a few years and there are several open shops. Starbucks is the clear winner here, as is the 7eleven gas station next door. It's a pretty even split between mom-and-pop and chain places, although the mom-and-pop places seem to go out of business. It's an ok center, doesn't truly suit needs.
There is everything you need in the surrounding area, but it is now crowded or overwhelming. There is a variety of grocery stores, family run shops, boutiques, and also big stores like Target and Costco. This neighborhood has a little bit of everything.
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