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I like the setting, as well as the scenery. However, I do wish the city and schools in that area are more diverse.
Cherry Creek is the neighborhood to be in in the Denver area. With everything from high-end shopping to the finest restaurants. Cherry Creek even has a movie theater in its mall.
I like the close nit community feeling of the neighborhood since our houses are all so close together. I also like how this neighborhood is near Denver but not completely in the city. I also love to nearby shopping center because it's walkable. I do not like how the nearby shops are all very expensive and I also do not like the amount of construction in the neighborhood. Finally, I am not happy with the new high rises in the community.
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This suburb of Denver has some of the best schools in the state and is located right in between the big city and the mountains. Living in Cherry Creek I have access to all of the things that make living in Colorado the best.
I love the schools in Cherry Creek. Cherry Creek High School offers a rigorous curriculum. The local restaurants are delicious. The Denver Tech Center is a fun place.
Cherry Creek is a good area for upper to middle class people. Some of the things are too expensive for most people, but there's a decent amount of arts and festivals to go to.
There is essentially no crime in the area. The police and fire department are great though in case there is an emergency.
My neighborhood has great schools, restaurants, businesses and other activities within a close proximity. It is also extremely safe and recognized as a great neighborhood!
Most people in this neighborhood are original owner or have lived here a long time. Not a lot of transient people.
Not a lot of crime. No break-ins in our neighborhood. Neighbors look out for each other.
Mostly families, suburban life, some young adults and night life.
There are lots of local businesses that are great.
There are many opportunities, but not always great
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