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The only good thing about this place is it’s location. Across the river from Boston, 5 mins from the airport & subways, casino nearby etc. That’s all very convenient if you want to give up any kind of quality life. There’s nothing decent here except home goods and market basket. This city is way too crowded, the neighborhoods look old & dumpy, trash is blowing around everywhere and shady characters on every corner. The people are loud and disrespectful and only add to the noise which is already a problem as it is with the airport nearby and nonstop traffic. It’s getting pricier to rent here as rent goes up every year while quality of life continues to drop. Not sure it’s worth the convenience anymore to be honest. Not to mention this is a sanctuary city and they protect criminals so the police don’t care if you’re being harassed or stalked by crazy people even though it’s their damn job. Just look elsewhere.
The experience I have had with Chelsea has been wonderful. I have lived here my whole life and I love this small and diverse community. The families that live in Chelsea are very friendly, heartwarming, and resilient. One of the things that I adore about Chelsea are the different cultures that exist within the people who live here. In Chelsea, I would like to see a change in the economy. The economy is quickly rising and getting more expensive and it is becoming more difficult for the families who have lived here their whole lives to afford a decent and stable living situation.
I would like to see less drug activity. Its very active sight on my street and also the heart of Chelsea which is called Bellingham Square. Which can be seen as a sore thumb with all of the negative activity happening all day long. Even with police around.
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I like the city of Chelsea because it has a diverse population along their diverse comes the diverse food options. The people are so genuine and supportive which makes the environment feels welcoming. It is almost like everyone knows everyone and is willing to help no matter how small the situation is. My biggest take away from Chelsea is that there is a lot of noise pollution, there is an airport approximately ten minutes away from an airport, which means that airplane are flying over our heads. Which we as Chelsea residents have no control over.
It is the city I was born and raised in. It is vibrant and has a lot of culture. It is not always for the faint of heart, but it is home if you make it.
The one thing I would like Chelsea to change is the schooling. By the time I hit 9th grade I'm moving because I will not be joining Chelsea High because of there ratings.People wonder why kids from Chelsea become low-life/drug dealers and that's because we are not educated enough, so what do we do we stay in Chelsea and never leave and this is a loop. As you can see math is changing and the teachers are adding more ways to solve math and now the people that stayed in Chelsea are not as well educated as East Boston and if our children need help them because we are sitting ducks. We are not educated enough to help our kids through education and or to help them have a better future and leave Chelsea.
I like the fact that Chelsea is a small and united community where people are welcomed and feel comfortable. But, something that can be improved is the housing rate because it is increasing making it expensive for people to live here.
Chelsea certainly isn’t Dorchester, but it isn’t very nice either. Roads and sidewalks need major work, Street and sidewalk litter as well as rats are everywhere and quite gross, and parking is absolutely atrocious. There are bars on every corner without consideration of civilian safety and quality of life (no one wants to live upstairs to a bar!), and traffic is terrible. But there are tons of corner stores so you’re never SOL on food and snacks!
The town is careless and unwelcoming the police in this town dont respond to things right away even when you live across the street from the police station. Stay away especially at night in the bellingham square area i always ignore that are due to drugs prostitutes and violence. I live in the top of a building and i have had one break in, one peeping tom, one guy dressed as a woman trying to break in, and even had a guy try to hide himself from the police on my balcony. I have had drug addicts do drugs in the parking lot homeless people hang out in the parking lot. I had even once had a police officer come and get a drug user come take the person away and all they did was take her needle and let her walk away. I have been accused from a police officer being a drug addict. I dont touch anything like that not even weed. If anyone wants to live here turn around and run. Oh yes ans one more thing half of the town in chelsea is infested in bed bugs.
Chelsea is a suburb just a mile north of Boston. Being just outside city limits has it's perks - especially if you have a car! Chelsea is known for its strong Latino presence, small City limits, and lower socioeconomic status - although it is clearly in process of gentrification, as much of greater Boston is. I am a young professional without kids, so Chelsea is a perfect location for me to have a lot for a little and without sacrificing much of anything.
Chelsea is trying to grow and clean up the city but are failing the kids and teens needs. It isnt safe to be outside after sundown . There is alot of violence and they are only focused on building more apartments instead of helping the people. The streets are horrible to drive in and very dirty. You can not take a child to a park without finding needles of some sort .
I've lived here my entire life and each year i never regretted living here. It has the most diverse community I have ever seen and is the most close knit community in a lot of cities with many opportunities.
Chelsea is home to over 40,000 people who come from many different places. Their stories are similar yet different. People who grow up here either have a sense of pridefulness of growing up inChelsea, or they may have a sense of embarrassment. Despite the high crime rate, Chelsea has since improved a lot. There are now more community organizations that work hard in Chelsea, and that work hard for its residents.
Even though Chelsea is becoming more and more gentrified because of the Casino being built, there have been some crime here and there. Restaurant's here are mainly family owned, and majority of the neighborhood are people of Hispanic origin.
Not much to do. Also, I don't really feel safe walking around at night. Somewhat diverse, a lot of Hispanic people. The Hispanic food spots are really good.
Chelsea is a nice location for it's residents, with a nice view and connection to the historic city of Boston. On the daily, the community is vibrant with people bustling about in it's own version of Broadway. It may not be the most popular one, but, with it's own restaurants, shops, and facilities, you find the people going from store to store, entering into shopping sprees for their own pieces of Chelsea to take home. At the very end of Broadway, one can see the Tobin Bridge, connecting Chelsea to Boston, making it easier for tourists to commute in between the two locations, seeing two amazing cities in one day
I lived on Congress Avenue, next to the waterfront. It was a pretty accessible spot, in the center of a Hispanic neighborhood. Everyone was respectful, and there were parks for walking and sports. The roads were well kept, and during snowy times sweepers would pass by regularly. The 111 was within walking distance and passed often. Also, the blue line was nearby. At times due to the bridge, traffic would build up and make me late for work (though it was less often than most), however it never had serious repercussions. At night, despite being intimidating to walk alone, nothing ever happened and most of the time neighbors were on the streets. There is a police stations nearby, restaurants, and a mall and market basket.
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So much is wrong with Chelsea. Leaving Chelsea on the MBTA you deal with packed buses and trains. Making it so hard to leave Chelsea. You deal with crooked landlords renting roach infested and bedbug infested apartments.
I have lived in Chelsea for over seven years and love it. It is close to Boston with much cheaper rent and mortgages.
I would like more secure safety. I worry about walking alone or with family due to violence. As well as better school system with maybe more activities for youth to keep them off the streets.
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