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Chatham is a safe, beautiful, expensive town. People are friendly and prestigious, and the town struggles with diversity. It is very child oriented, most mothers are involved in the school district in some way. Teenagers have many job opportunities. The town center does not have a nightlife, but many nearby towns do (and Uber is everywhere here). The train is a 55 minute ride to NYC for $11. The town is generally conservative but has a large liberal presence too.
Overall a very safe and friendly place to live with beautiful houses and excellent education that is nationally recognized.
Beautiful town, friendly neighborhood, great place to raise kids with lot of events happening throughout the year. School system is awesome with focus on all round development. Access to Chatham, new providence and Murray hill train station within 2-3 miles. Chatham train parking has long wait list but its easier to get parking at new providence and Murray hill train station. For downtown experience it has access to Chatham borough/Madison/Summit within 3 miles.
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Chatham is a great place for families with and for those who need to commute into Manhattan for work.
Chatham is an idyllic city suburb. Safe, good schools, on the mid-town direct train line to NYC, and quaint downtown. Downside is that it is very homogeneous. That said, you can be as wrapped up in the stepford-wife atmosphere as much or as little as you want.
Unaffordable to all but the very moneyed.
If people could understand that money doesn't buy class and that inclusiveness is good, it might be better.
It used to be a lovely, friendly town, now it has become pretentious and filled with newcomers who in many cases are trying shape the culture to their liking rather than maintaining the low key, friendly vibe that attracted them in the first place Loud, ill mannered, noisy and entitled, every house a teardwn replaced by a $2 million and up behemoth. Really a huge change over the set 20 years - I see now why so many people move put when the kids finish school.
There is not a lot to do in this area aside from going to a friends house. There a no fun attractions in our town or around. The closest place for attractions would probably be New York City.
Generally, I see at least one or two people running around my neighborhood. In addition there is a park that can be used as a great running facility and it also has an outdoor workout facility. There are also 4 gyms near my are where I see a lot of my classmates.
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