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Chatham is a very pleasant and family oriented town. We have a few small shops and places to eat, all in one location, so it’s easy to move from task to task. We have Glenwood High School, which has about 1,400 students. Our town has amazing school spirit! Everywhere in Chatham you can see signs, posters, and pictures spreading school spirit. Our town is filled with diversity! Constantly expanding neighborhoods, new parks, and lots of tailgates and public events bring lots of people into Chatham.
A strong community that comes together to help each other. The school district offers an excellent education and great education opportunities that most other school districts do not offer.
I returned to Chatham after I married to raise my family here. It is perfect - day trips to Chicago or St Louis are enjoyable, while COL and amenities are balanced. Schools here are great, the community is diverse and welcoming, and I feel safe leaving my doors unlocked!
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Chatham is an amazing community, that I am proud to live in and excited to raise my son in. It's a beautiful, inclusive community that offers the idealic setting to raise children and enjoy life.
Chatham has been my home for 12 years. I have seen the town grow and change over the years. I love the little town feel in the town square. The town is very safe. My family actually does not lock the door at night! This town is Springfield's little brother!
Chatham is a small town in Illinois near Springfield and, although considered a fairly small town, offers a wide variety of options in one's lifestyle. The public schools are top-notch and are competitive in both sports and academics go the looming Chicago area schools. There may not be much to do in terms of nightlife, but sitting close to Springfield, there are many interesting historical landmarks as well as neat places to eat. Despite a small problem with the water every now and then, Chatham is a great place to start and raise a family!
It is a very nice area, a very nice place for young families
There are parts of Springfield that are full of crime and drugs. Like any downtown, industrious city, crime is higher and there is somewhat of a "hood" on the North side. It is easily escapable and avoidable for anyone though. If you don't want to drive through it or don't want to see it, just plan to drive around it or don't live by it. Other than annoying teenagers doing "funny" pranks, crime is not high in Chatham and the police are responsive to everything, especially pulling people over for whatever reason they find worthy of stopping someone.
If you like smaller towns and flat land, Illinois is the place for you. Don't expect anything like Chicago, as Chatham and Springfield, IL are nothing like that. These towns are smaller and more community-centered. However, the schools are growing every day and most of them are having to expand to make room for more students. Glenwood High School does have the best overall education and diverse classes. Compared to other places in the country, Chatham and Springfield are just as historic and should not be discounted.
My community has great vibes and great people. It's someone you would move to if you wanted to grow as a person
They are building new subdivisions that look great and bring in new people.
Because it's smaller, people tend to know those who live around them and befriend them, and are willing to help out and cheer them on.
This is a very nice small town area that is good if you like a bit of quiet and friendly people. For those who like activities we are right by the state capital.
Chatham is a great area, for older couples looking to settle down in retirement. The schools and neighborhoods are great; but for millennials this may not be an enjoyable place to live, as there are little to no bars, and basically nothing but grocery shops and restaurants. The quietness of the town, is great for someone who doesn't like the city much, but if you are someone who loves living by big cities for the wide entertainment choices, I would not recommend chatham.
I love this area because I am close to my family, but I wish there was more to do near by.

I am a soon-to-be first time mom. I am concerned with the way education is going because I want my children to get a great education in a safe environment.
Very nice, very safe neighborhood. I've never had any problems with it.
Minimum wage jobs are not impossible to find in the area but are not readily available. Most of them require work that deserves above minimum wage pay as well. Good paying jobs are hard to find in the area.
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It is a village so you need to go to the city for better transportation
It is only a village so they dont have as much restaurants
Everyone or most of the people has great housing they keep their propieties in the best conditions all the time making the neiborhoods look perfect!
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