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Quiet place to live, lovely atmosphere with many parks and hiking options. I love to go to the bike path right by my house and I can go 6 miles there! Also close to Delaware water gap (about 1 hr via car). Good for commuting to the city too (lots of trains).
Great place to rent (there’s some hidden gem apartments). True town feel with great people. My girlfriend and I left the city to live in Chatham and we’re less than a 5 minute walk from the train to get back in!
I'd give Chatham one star, but to be fair, this is a safe and clean place to raise a family. That said, be prepared for cookie cutter residents who are all about money. Parents are competitive (houses, vacations, cars, clothing, children's sports), and that's passed down to the children. Schools are great if your child doesn't have special needs; if you need special education services, look elsewhere (the poor special ed services are one of Chatham's dirty little secrets). Downtown is cute enough, but there's not much to do and everything closes down by 9 p.m., even on Saturday night. Proximity to NYC (direct trains to Penn Station) and Newark airport make it a convenient place to live, but it feels like most of the fun things to do are a good hour's drive away: hiking in the mountains, the beach, New York City, Delaware River/Delaware Water Gap, etc. Very family-centric.
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Chatham is a very supportive and tight-knit collection of individuals. We value acceptance of all people and support our neighbors and community members in times of need. The community is primarily caucasian, so I would like to see more diverse groups in Chatham. This would embrace all cultures within the town, big and small.
Chatham is a very family oriented town, and the schools are great. I had a great experience in school and I felt like moving across the country was easy due to how many people reached out to make sure the transition was ok.
Upside - Very safe town with excellent schools. Great place to live if you can steer clear of crazy parents with skewed priorities!
Downside- parents care more about working, socializing and “keeping up with the Joneses” than spending time with their children. Lots of closet drinking and drugs.
It has a great location in Northern New Jersey and it is close to big cities with a lot of opportunities like New York and Philadelphia. Chatham also has its own train station which makes it very easy to travel to these cities and other places. It is a very safe town and the police department makes everyone feel secure. Chatham is a smaller town than most which gives it a close-knit community feel where you know your neighbors and others that are part of the community. The school systems are great and they are highly ranked public schools in the state of New Jersey. However, it is very expensive to live here.
I love Chatham! I've lived here almost my whole life and it's such a great town to grow up in. It's safe, has amazing schools, a cute downtown, and it close to NYC. What more could you want? The taxes are pretty high, but that's for our schools. I wouldn't live in Chatham just to live here, but I think it's a great town to raise your kids.
Small town feel with easy access to major highways and cities. Public schools are all blue-ribbon schools that are always in the top 10 in New Jersey Magazine. Create good friends that will last a lifetime. Downtown has old-world charm with local business and very friendly people. Walkable town and very health-conscious neighborhood.
I love the school system and the rich educational background of most of the residents. I love the social gatherings and the amenities provides by the town.
Nice town - quite walkable with good public transportation connections via NJ Transit Rail. Good food in Chatham and the surrounding communities.
Chatham is a lovely place but has changed in our time here. Its not a diversity-friendly town and everyone knows it. Old charming homes are knocked down at an alarming rate to build $1m+ homes. People are judged here by what kind of car they drive. Chatham is a commuter town but waitlist parking at the train station is 3 years and the NYC train is over $300/month. Our taxes have more than doubled and we don't get a lot. Athletic fields are average at best and school buildings are sub-par compared to many that we've seen; over-crowded and dated. The school system is ranked highly but most families have tutors for their children, even students in AP classes have tutors to keep them there, so the school achievement survey results are skewed. Crime is very low, location is great, residents are generally friendly (albeit snobby), and there is a downtown for kids to hang out. If you are thinking of a move to Chatham, do deep research-don't go by surveys and rankings alone.
Chatham is a great town for both young families and those who are looking for a great educational system. Chatham is also on the train line that goes straight into NYC- Penn Station for those who may need to get to work.
Chatham combines the best of all possible worlds in one amazing package. It has public schools that are usually rated first in a state that takes education very seriously. Chatham is exceptionally safe and comprised of several neighborhoods where kids play together, neighbors have block parties, and there is a general feeling of friendliness that pervades.

Add to that exceptional town services, relatively low Morris county taxes, and proximity to NYC, Newark Airport, the seaside, and mountains. There is substantial industry and work opportunities all around Chatham.

Overall, there are many wealthy people here, but their wealth is more understated than some of the other towns in Essex county. It's not flashy wealth, but more classy and old world. The people here are friendly and welcoming of new transplants from other states.
Chatham is a very nice town to live in, both in terms of appearance and safety. Crime is virtually nonexistent, the school system is excellent, and the downtown area isn't bad, though there is no night life to speak of, for that you will have to go to Morristown. The town contains a large number of newer houses, and the cost of living is quite high.
I love Chatham. I've lived here most of my life, and it truly is a wonderful place. The school system is outstanding, it's very easy to travel in, and is very safe.
It was rated one of the best town in America. It has everything in a beautiful wooded suburb. Quick access to anywhere. Highway takes you to the airport in 20 minutes, great school system and great restaurants and food with in a 5 mile radius. Top shopping at the Short Hill Mall 2 miles away.
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It is a great town with amazing public schools. I would like to see more diversity in the community.
I would like a more specific survey. The survey should include early childhood life leading up to adulthood.
Chatham is a great family town. Top rated schools, plenty of open space, parks, recreation. Offers easy access to NYC via train, safe, friendly, close to shopping.
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