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Charlotte is an interesting city with tons of cool spots to hang out with friends and family, but it isn't the best place for public school (excluding college).
I moved to Charlotte over 15 years ago. I made my deci8sion after visiting my sister and I noticed how big Charlotte was. I even moved before I found a job. I found a job within a month and I was at the same job for 15 years. I have met different races and I have been treated very good by all.
I love Big city life within Charlotte. I enjoy the new train from north to south. They are expanding the Lynx -Silver line
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Charlotte is a beautiful city with nice schools, restaurants, entertainment, and stores. It's a great place to raise a family and the living cost here isn't too high. There isn't anything that I would want to change about Charlotte.
I think Charlotte is a great place to com to if your want that modern city feeling. In addition giving big opportunities and a lot of exposure to be successful in life
A diverse growing city that is close to both the mountains and the beaches. It is continuing to expand and is filled with new opportunities.
I like Charlotte a lot but i wish that the cost of living could go down. It is a little on the expensive side.
I love how Charlotte has a southern vibe and city potential. Now is the time to spread your wings like a butterfly because this city in still growing and its museums, food trucks, skyscrapers, and networking events provide endless entertainment.
I have lived in Charlotte my whole life. I have seen it transform into what it is today. I think that it is alright to live here but I do not like the way it has transformed to where people can't really afford to live here anymore. I think that this is something that needs to be worked on, but other than that Charlotte is a good place to be.
I have been here my whole life. A lot of teenagers complain about Charlotte, but I honestly rather live here than any other city in NC. We have concerts, clubs, and malls; just fun stuff for young people. We also have cute little artsy parts of town that are fun to hang out at. We also have a couple of nice places to go sight-seeing. It's not a bad city, really.
Charlotte is a wonderful city growing in size year after year. It is only 2 hours away from the mountains and 3.5 hours away from the beach. It is a luxurious city with suburbs and probably a good 7 popular areas with things to do.
Great place to go out and find adventure with your friends. It has a large variety of places to go for any form of entertainment.
I live the city and how it’s constantly growing! The people here are amazing and diverse. There’s literally always something to do as well. Whether it’s a date night, or just wanting to have fun with friends, the city of Charlotte definitely has plenty of fun options for anyone looking for a good time with good people.
The city of Charlotte is exciting as it is full of job opportunities and great schools. I moved here and I did not regret one bit! It is also very culturally diverse as I can find so many local businesses owned by people of different cultures. The cost of living is quite affordable if you have a job. Public transportation is also plenty and great. I especially like the light rail which I use to go to uptown and downtown directly from UNCC.
I would love to see Charlotte become an even more diverse city. In the suburban areas, Charlotte's public schools are pretty good and everything is very accessible.
I'm new to the city and I already love the area. I am looking forward to exploring the area more once Covid passes by.
Lots of shopping centers and have great gathering places and local events. The contruction takes a long time though.
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Charlotte is absolutely beautiful and there is a variety of areas to spend your time! There's uptown, south end, montford, NODA, and university city as well. There are many different vibes so you are sure to find the perfect match for you somewhere in Charlotte!
I enjoy Charlotte alot. It is a very different feel and atmosphere different from my home in Columbia, SC. Charlotte is so great because i really get a home country feeling but in the same breath i also feel like I am in a big city.
I love the diversity of Charlotte and how there is something for everyone.
So many beautiful parks to visit, different cuisines, outdoor activities, indoor activities. It's easy to navigate and get around. There are many job opportunities and more and more people are moving here.
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