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Charleroi is like one big family, you know most of the people who reside here and have something good to say about them.
One of the worst places that you could ever live, Extremely Boring nothing to do, People are very rude and inconsiderate, I've had someone steal things off of my porch 3 times.
I like Charleroi because it is a small community and it is very close to everything. It is close to Pittsburgh and Washington PA. It is a town that I am proud to say that I am from. It is a community where everyone sticks together and everyone supports each other.
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Charleroi, at one time, was a buzzing community full of life and shops. This suburb has gone downhill drastically. There's only a select few shops that are still open. People know this city as one with a major drug problem, and it is very disappointing. I hope one day this town will be successful again.
The Town has a lot of historical significance. You get a nice taste of both small city living and also country side in some areas. Located a long the river gives rise to many fun water activities to participate in. There is a certain charm being in a city that is so connected with the surrounding area and so influential to the history behind the "Mon Valley". However, the town is experiencing decline due to the change in times. While big business jumps to the forefront of the world, the small businesses located in this small town have a hard time hanging on. Some are thriving, while others only live for a short period of time.
Its getting worse day by day
I liked when I was at school and playing sports it felt save and a lot of close friendships in that nature. On the other hand criminal activity is getting worse and the town doesn't feel safe. I also feel I couldn't build my future here any job I want in my field would not be successful in my hometown.
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