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If you want a small town that's mainly rural areas and people who have lived in the same place for generations, this is the town for you. It's a nice quiet place to live and the weather is lovely in the summer
I moved to Chaplin in the fourth grade, and am now in college. It is a very quiet, peaceful place. If you require action, then this isn't the town for you. I would say that this would be a great place to be to raise a kid, especially if you want them to end up going to Uconn!
There is pretty much no crime except for the occasional robbing of a gas station.
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It's nice if you like the quiet and are content with a kind of boring way of life, however overall it's not for me. I need a more busy setting, like a city.
If you go up to Uconn Campus or Willimantic, there are many unique and quality restaurants. However there is not much nightlife.
There are not too many businesses or places to find employment, mostly you can find a job at a restaurant or in retail, which is what most people do for a living.
The local businesses here are usually very good and friendly as well. This is a rural area so sometimes it is hard to find everything but most businesses can put you in touch with a business that does have what you need.
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