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Teachers are mostly recycled students who love their city and have great pride in their jobs! Make their students excel is their main priority! Chapel Hillians love their traditions. Where this show most is during Homecoming week. Homecoming is a week-long celebration leading up to the football game on Friday night. Chapel Hill is fastly growing making it a fantastic place to raise children, as well as, a calm and easy going place to retire.
I moved here just over a year ago. It is the hardest place to find a job. The snobby people doesn't want new people here. I have never been so disrespected in a any other town. I'm a caretaker. I moved here to care for a sick elder. He has passed away. Now I don't want to be here. Just because of these people that are rude and disrespectful. They should be ashamed of there selves. They call there self Christians. A true Christian would not act that way. It's like everyone has there knife out ready for a fight (figure of speech). I have changed my ways since I have been here. When you live in a town of people that thinks they are better than you, it will eventually make you feel bad. When I say bad, I went home crying after the last incident of favoritism. I thought how can someone have a heart and treat someone like trash. This town has been a depressing and sad.I'm just waiting for the moment of escape. That will be the day I get out of here.
Very nice, small town with a good education. It is a friendly town, not much bad happens and strong commitment to our Rockets football
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Love this town. Has that wonderful small town feel. Everyone is so kind. Love the schools. Wish there were more for kids to do. Also wish there were more food choices.
The police and fire Station are in the center of the town so no matter where the problem is they will be there quickly.
When ever there are big events people from everywhere come to watch.
Police are always around doing their rounds which makes crimes not frequent.
Winter is the worst season of the year here because if it doesn't snow everything will just freeze.
Most jobs are in Fast Food restaurants or either in the local grocery store.
The local businesses are very close knit everybody knows everybody.
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