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my experience with champlin was very good. they had lots of businesses to go to. the road work was always done fast and when a project was started it was finished as fast as it could be done. the schools were good, people were friendly in my neighborhood, many options for food and healthy eating.
A clean, quiet, peaceful city. There isn't a lot to do, but that means we spend a lot of quality time with family and friends, just hanging out and talking. Safe for going for a walk or a drive at any time. You'll always see people taking bike rides with their family or walking their dogs. Parks are clean and well-loved, and there's always room when you go. Overall, life is laid-back and very free.
I have lived here most of my life with my parents, brother, and two dogs. Champlin is such a wonderful community to live in because of the walking trails, community focused businesses, and pet friendly areas.
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Champlin was a great place to grow up! My family has lived here for almost 18 years and have loved every minute of it! Champlin has been a city that is very welcoming to everyone and the community is very friendly. I would recommend Champlin to anyone who is looking for a nice city to live in.
I've lived here my entire life and it has always been a great place to grow up. Over the years, Champlin has built a lot around the area for more convenience, such as grocery stores, eatery and parks. It's easy to get downtown or if you're taking a trip further north, it's very central.
Very friendly community. Nice neighborhoods with kind people. It is a very tight-knit and connected group of people.
I have lived in Champlin for about 6 months, but I have lived in other Minnesota suburbs for my entire life. Champlin is one of my favorites. It is not too crowded, and has a good amount of parks. I can't really comment on the school districts as I don't have children. Everyone we have met here has been very nice and it is also a very pet-friendly area.
I live in champlin it’s nice and quite good place to live and raise kids good schools both early childhood learning centers pre k and high schools
Nice, quiet, friendly, clean place to live. It feels like home. Close schools, daycares, restuarants and doctors offices. Walking trails and parks are nice. Close gas stations and grocery stores and stores of convenience.
I have loved being raised in Champlin! It is a safe suburb that is perfect distance away from the Twin Cities with access to several amenities and restaurants. Friendly crowd.
I love the sense of community that the city of Champlin has. I have grown up here and I always feel as though I can ask anyone for help if I need it. I feel extremely safe here as well. One thing I would change about Champlin though is all the road construction. I think they should have planned it out better so it was not all happening at one time, making commutes much longer.
I have lived here my entire life, that being said I obviously love it. There is a clear divide between what my family calls the PWC or Prestigious West Champlin and the 'East Siders'. I live on the east side which is the poorer side of the town. The PWC I do not like for obvious reasons like the get all their roads plowed first and they have street lights. It is the nicer and more expensive side of town, I would not give up my time on the East side for anything though haha.
I always feel pretty safe around the community. The parks are clean and the people are friendly. The only downside is that it is a large city with families young and old so there are not a lot of activities or events that cater to everyone.
I have grown up here, know the area very well. It is very family friendly, everything you need is nearby.
I have been living in Champlin for about 10 years and it's been a great city to grow up in. There are highly ranked schools for all ages and they're all very diverse. The Champlin police department and all of the people who help the community are greatly respected for all the work they do in the city.
I have lived here my whole life. Champlin is a wonderful little town with lots to do and places to see. If you are are looking to find work here it is also very easy as jobs are always looking to hire new people.
I have lived my whole life in this city. I was born just a few cities over, went to elementary, middle, and high school here. It's been a great place to live and grow up. The majority of the people in this area are families; spanning from newly developing to empty nesters. The public schools nearby were the reasons as to why my family had moved here. The elementary schools is the perfect place to start your kids off in school, and the high schools have paved the way for me to do what I dream of in college and as a career.
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Champlin has been my first home as an adult. My husband and I purchased our first home here and it has been wonderful! Very friendly, with easy access to all parts of the twin cities area, but still being out of the major hustle and bustle. The outdoor activities available at Elm Creek Park Reserve are Phenomenal, for all season.
Champlin is a perfect location. Just 15 minutes away from anywhere you could want to be. It has many restaurant options and is very close to other towns with more options. Full of good people and fun activities!
I have lived in Champlin for my entire life; I grew up here. I know everything here like the back of my hand. It has been a great, safe place to grow up in, but it is also a smaller town. My home is in Champlin, but I really live in the cities around Champlin. I would love to see Champlin grow and get more attracting stores or places to eat. It has great potential and I have already seen a lot of growth and I would like to see that continue. However, it is a great place that I will always call home.
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