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Close to Warren Ohio which speaks for itself. It’s like a nicer area of Warren, most kids in the town are obnoxious. Adults for the most part are laid back. It’s really just average. Also, the cost of living is ridiculous for no reason.

You will have some of the Warren rejects show up around the town, little worrying. You have Kent State University which is actually a really nice college. That’s about the only plus.
Champion is a great place to live. You can find everything you need, from DQ to taco bell. Have plenty of banking in the area. Police are awesome.
champion is a nice little town with plenty of food places and food/home goods stores but not too many places for entertainment
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Champion is a small town with not much of anything to do, but it's a pretty safe neighborhood. The schools are good, especially since they decided to update the outdated buildings. Champion is a mostly white middle-class community, with very little diversity.
I currently live in this township. My mother graduated from the school system. I just love this area. It feels like home.
Champion is a great town to raise a family. There are many activities for children to participate in. The town takes pride in itself and participates in community projects. The schools are excellent and they are currently building a new K-8 schools which will provide state of the art educational needs.
Overall I have loved my neighborhood, my neighbors are great and the safety of the area is great too. My area is not very diverse, but there are many good job opportunities for teenagers looking to get started. The public schools are not my favorite and neither is the cost of living. The commute time from my home to all three schools is very short only about 5 minutes to get there. There are also a lot of restaurants and stores near me. The area is family friendly and I have grown up in this area since the age of 2.
Houses sell quick in this area
Very low crime. Excellent police
Good school system. Crime is low. Good neighbors.
The atmosphere is one of the best things about living in this area. There is not much to do around here, but that doesn't mean you can't have a good time. The people around here are amazing. Everyone knows everyone and you can trust the people around you. If you go to the local grocery store, it is almost certain that you will meet someone you know. I really enjoy this community and I would strongly recommend anyone to live here as well.
This is a good place to live. There aren't a ton of things to do but the school system is good and the people are nice.
Champion, Ohio is generally an okay place to live. Of course, there are always going to be creepers, but it's a relatively safe township. The people tend to be neighborly, but there are a few bigots out there.
The people and school system is what makes this town so great. That's what I love about it. Our town is nothing special, its unheard of, and there isn't much to do, but I love it anyways because of the atmosphere.
It's gotten better in the passed few years.
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