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I used to live in a small town, moving here to Centerville I have greatly enjoyed the easy commute to businesses, parks, and recreational areas. The community is very welcoming. The only complaint is that the houses are too close together, but not much can be changed about that.
Moving here from CA in 2016, I found the people here really friendly. It's a nice small town. I just wish there were more places to eat and things to do.
Safe and friendly neighborhood. Woodbourne library just renovated. Many affordable grocery stores. Great public schools with AP programs and dual-enrollment programs.
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Good schools, centrally located to shopping and entertainment, good apartments, and houses. Pet friendly and alot of parks and biking areas. Conventionally located to grocery stores and restaurants. People are friendly and courteous.
Centerville is a neat, safe town. Close to all manner of shopping, quick access to freeways, it is a great place to live!
Centerville is a great and safe area to live in. I love how quiet it is and how everything is easily accessible. I would like to see more places that have things to do for young adults or more places for them to enjoy a fun time together.
Centerville is fairly nice community to reside in. Especially if you have kids and is looking for a good school district. So that was my attraction to centerville.
There is a lot of caucasian people. It is on the pricier side to live in. The public schools are excellent. There is a Catholic School option that goes all the way through high school.
Centerville Ohio is an amazing area. I love going to school here and knowing that I am safe. There are many great restaurants, job opportunities for teens, fun activities, and it is near many amazing cities that have great activities as well. I have lived here my whole life and I hope that I can stay here even when I am older.
Centerville is beautiful and has many accommodations and vast eateries to satisfy just about anyone.
I have lived in Centerville my entire life. Growing up here in the Centerville school system has been so beneficial to my future. I have connected with life long friends and incredible teachers that have given me the resources I will need to create a better future for myself. I believe this city is well taken care of, full of everything you could need, and a great place to raise a family. I am proud to be from Centerville and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a small town, that’s big enough to have room to grow.
Different community initiatives would be nice to create more of a family community that encourages living as a diverse community. Sometimes communities get used to what they’ve always done instead of reaching out to the community. The school I work in actually has created a very family oriented environment and to live in a community of similar expectations would be an amazing experience and act as an example possibly to the young and to other surrounding communities.
Centerville is simply a great place to live. Though it may seem boring to outsiders, there is actually plenty to do in Centerville and the surrounding area. The weather is pleasant most of the year and it is a great place to grow up. Would recommend others to move here.
The Centerville Washington-Township community offers many opportunities for recreation (lots of parks!), classes to attend at the rec center relating to everything from art to cooking, opportunities for Seniors and great schools for youth.
We have great schools and community. People are very nice here. They are willing to help one other. Neighbors will help you out and our police are the best in the nation.
We have everything you need within a few miles of the center of town. We have a little downtown but it has a ice cream shop and a BQ right next to each other.
I really enjoy the public school system, I've always felt like I'm not just a number even though there's almost 3000 kids at my school. I've always felt very safe, there's an extremely low crime rate and the police are excellent. The city is well taken care of, everything is constantly maintained.
A wonderfully quaint place with small town appeal and charm. Downtown Centerville has some terrific shops. Bill's Donuts is a must to try as they make the best donuts in the country list consistently. You also have City BBQ for a delicious local dinner and then pop over to Graeter's for some of the best hand dipped ice cream. If you want major shopping stores, they are not far away, and are easily accessible with the interstate and highways. Truly a wonderful place to live or visit.
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Centerville is such a cute and quiet town. Everybody knows everybody and there is such a sense of community here. There are so many neat hole in the wall shops and restaurants to eat at.
I have lived in Centerville all of my life, going on 28 years. I think it is one of the best surrounding areas. Fantastic schools, great for families, and all around a nice area to live.
I've lived in Centerville for six years, and I've worked within the city for almost ten. I can't imagine anywhere safer. Main Street is lovely (though a bit cramped), and the closest you have to a downtown area houses some of my favorite shops. You've got great restaurants (especially City Barbecue and Las Piramides), good schools, and many diverse small businesses to support. You can get to downtown Dayton within 20 minutes, and you can get to other large suburbs like Kettering in five to ten. It is one of the more expensive towns in the greater Dayton area, but I think you'll find it worthwhile.
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