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I love the ambiance of the city. You can find almost everything in Centerville, and it has a great school district.
Centerville offers great schools, food and entertainment. I never have to go more than 10-15 minutes to get to where I need to go.
I think Centerville has an amazing school district, much better than the schools in the surrounding districts. Although housing is on the more expensive side.
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Centerville is a normal, boring, mostly white & Christian suburb. Totally safe community, but nothing to do. White-picket fence type vibes. Lots of rich folks. Nothing particularly interesting or remarkable about it.
Centerville is a nice and safe place to live. The schools give a great education and there are many local places to go for fun.
Great place to live and shop. Schools district are nice affordable homes and great job opportunities. Nice restaurant. Great place to raise a family.
I really enjoy the safety and comfort of the Centerville area. It is close to major highways and many local stores and entertainment. It has great schools and lots of job opportunities.
This city was very nice to live in! Safe is how I felt when I drove around here, and very friendly people. There are a lot of stores in different parts of the city, and it felt very open.
Centerville is a great place for families. It is a little town but it has a lot of places around it to explore and eat. The schools are great and offer many opportunities for their students. It does have high taxes but it is worth it to live here. The taxes are for the schools and the many public libraries. If you decide to live in Washington Township you will have the same facilities as Centerville, they share and fund them together. This also goes for the schools. In all Centerville is a great place to live, it is safe and has a great school system.
It exists, that's for sure. I've been here for pretty much my entire life, so I have no idea how it compares to other places. I guess it's pretty nice, though.
It is quiet and very safe. I never worry about being out when it is late and dark. There are lots of different parks so my children are never bored. The school district is one of the highest rated in the area, making property value strong.
Centerville is such a safe, fun, and beautiful environment to live in. It is very safe because we have many police departments to help with everyone’s needs. They are always ready to help save someone without a doubt. Centerville is also very fun and unique because we have Main Street, which has a lot of shopping and food. When you first arrive into Centerville you feel like you have arrived at home which is always nice. Centerville is also kept very clean and it is not considered a dirty place. I guarantee if you are looking for somewhere to live where your kids can grow up with a safe childhood, Centerville is the place for you.
Great location for raising children. Plenty of businesses to shop at and places to eat. The real estate market is competitive, so be prepared to jump on any house/apartment that you are interested in. The schools are above average. They have a great Fourth of July celebration that you HAVE to attend.
I loved the opportunities I had at Centerville, especially through my education. Centerville City Schools is one of the best districts in Ohio.
I would like more things to be open after 12am. That would be very nice to have instead of driving around in the middle of nowhere until we find a waffle house. This is really plaguing my group of friends who are never free before 10pm.
Centerville is vibrant town with schools and golf courses being the main reason for people to want to live here.
I used to live in a small town, moving here to Centerville I have greatly enjoyed the easy commute to businesses, parks, and recreational areas. The community is very welcoming. The only complaint is that the houses are too close together, but not much can be changed about that.
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Moving here from CA in 2016, I found the people here really friendly. It's a nice small town. I just wish there were more places to eat and things to do.
Safe and friendly neighborhood. Woodbourne library just renovated. Many affordable grocery stores. Great public schools with AP programs and dual-enrollment programs.
Good schools, centrally located to shopping and entertainment, good apartments, and houses. Pet friendly and alot of parks and biking areas. Conventionally located to grocery stores and restaurants. People are friendly and courteous.
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