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Centerville is a small town and does things the small town way. Right now though I am glad to live in a small town. We do not have that many coronavirus cases here and everyone seems to be abiding by the stay at home suggestion as the best they can.
Centerville is a very small town. The winery and the annual Banana Pudding Festival is a great local attraction. The nature surrounding the town is gorgeous and is great for pictures or a relaxing hike.
It's a really nice, small town. Compared to the big city, it's quiet and peaceful. I wish there was more to do then just eat fast food. It's also close to bigger cities with more to do. It's nice to not be too far from other attractions.
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Centerville is a rural neighborhood that is about sixty miles southwest of Nashville. It is a very small but tight-knit community. Centerville is unique and a comfortable place to live. There is plenty of space to roam. Centerville also has an abundance of beautiful hiking places. It is one town in Tennessee that still has a rustic feel while also being relevant to the time. Everyone in the city is very well-mannered and kind to others. There is no such thing as a stranger in Centerville because everyone knows everyone. It is a very welcoming community. Everyone is treated like family around here.
The town is dyeing There isn't anything new coming here and all the current stores are all old and or shutting down. The town boasts about Minnie Pearl but you have no identity here other then that so if your old or don't have anywhere else to go Centerville is fine.
We need more availability of fresh produce, better chain stores and more industry to be able to make a decent living in this town.
I was born there first off; I Loved that town and with all my being, from friendly people to the shops on the square with authentic items to sell. Every year there this festival called "The Banana Pudding Festival" that has a judging contest and a eating competition. I'll say it once and I'll say it again; I love that town!
I've never felt in danger
This place has treated me so well. It's been my home away from home for years now.
Very few stores and what is there are 99% mom and pop stores. Majority of the town closes at 6pm.
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