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Centerville is in one of the fastest growing regions in the Nation, but still has the small town feel to it. I have lived in Centerville for 20 years of my life and I truly have loved every minute of it. The views of the Great Salt Lake are amazing from the mountain side. There are all kinds of hikes, gun ranges, recreational parks, and lots of food chainsThere is no trash on the streets or highway, no graffiti everything is neat and clean.
I think that one thing I would love to see change in Centerville is less or more efficient road construction. I know that Utah is known for its continuous construction, but in Centerville they take so long to complete road projects. I know that is a first world problem but with modern day technology and the machinery that we have, projects should go more smoothly and quicker. Other than that I really would not change a thing.
I have lived in Centerville my entire life and I have loved it there. The people are very kind there. It is also at the base of some mountains, so there is plenty of hiking and biking trails and other outdoor activities. There are several elementary schools in Centerville, and 1 Jr. High School; however, the closest high school is Viewmont High School which is on the boarder of Centerville and Bountiful. There are also plenty of beautiful parks with basketball, tennis, and racquetball courts. There are plenty of fun activities to do in the summer and in the winter. In the winter, Centerville gets a lot of snow which makes sledding and skiing fun activities to do when it's cold outside.
It's a great place to raise kids. My neighborhood is very safe and close to both recreational trails and shopping centers.
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Such a great place to live. So many kind and down to earth people. Great schools, strong sense of community and you can go walking with your family and feel safe wherever you go here!
We love Centerville! The people here are very friendly, helpful, and good human beings. Very low crime rate and feels safe. You get the small town feel but still close to larger cities.
I love how close it is to Salt Lake City yet feels small and quaint. The commute to Salt Lake or Ogden is reasonable and you have access to all of the nightlife, events and opportunities of city life without living in the city.
I love centerville, I would love to see more diversity. In schools as well as politics and leaders. Centerville economy is booming. There is a strong religious community, a cross the wasatch front.
I have lived in Centerville for seven years. I have seen it grow remarkably, but the lack of diversity is appalling. I am constantly surprised by the lack of persons of color, and feel rather isolated in the sea of white, anglo-saxon protestants.
I love the location as it feels small even though it is an extension of salt lake city. The commute is quick and it is a quiet community.
Most people are friendly and disregard your ethnicity. If you need someone to help you during any time of any form of need, you will definitely have a friend nearby.
Great town. Family oriented. It is quite strange to me that all of a sudden someone does not like the standards of LDS. Yes, they expect you to live their standards. It is called being a perfect prince. Your employer and society as a whole expects you to be as such. It's called passing the background check state wide and nation wide.
Centerville is a great town! It is fairly small so it is very centered aground the community. There are family friendly events, a community garden, concerts in the park during the summer, and even farmers markets. If you are looking for a good place to raise a family Centerville is perfect. It is located just outside of Salt Lake so there are plenty of job opportunities.
Absolutely love this city. Great place to raise a family. Residents are very involved in the community. There is plenty to do in the surrounding area. Everything you need is within a five minute drive.
Centerville is a great place to have a family, everyone is so nice and friendly. I love that walmart is 24/7. I would like to see Centerville be more diverse.
Centerville has experienced incredible growth over the past 10 years. It now has all the restaurants, shops, and theaters you can imagine. It is an excellent place to settle down and raise a family, although the cost of living has increased.
It's a quiet place and honestly not many big things happen here. Centerville is a very safe community that is family focused, and, for the most part, welcoming to any newcomers in the area.
Centerville is an amazing, friendly, town. It is close to the city and has plenty of opportunities for shopping, parks, and great schools close to home. After living in Idaho and in California(both places we lived in nice areas) Centerville has been my favorite.
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Centerville was a great little town to grow up in. It is very family oriented and a place I felt safe. The schools are very good and I was able to participate in activities and sports there. Although Centerville is a smaller community it has everything from grocery stores, movie theatres, shopping centers, etc. We are very close to Bountiful and Farmington which also have abundant shopping, eating and activities. Number 1 reason to live in Centerville is that it is a very safe community.
Centerville is a perfect place to raise a family. Centerville at most is only a 20 minute drive form salt lake city. In Centerville you have every choice of restaurant you could image along with a movie theater and more than a few grocery stores. Centerville is home to lots of young loving family's and neighbors and is a very safe community.
I love living in Centerville, it's very quaint and close to everywhere I need to go. It's close enough to Salt Lake City that I can get there quickly, but far enough away I still feel like I live in a small town.
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