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I love centereach. have lived here my whole life went to k-12 and stayed close by for college. Friendly people and a family friendly place.
I love Centereach. It is in the heart of the island. The beaches are 30 minuets away, the Hamptons and wineries are 1 hour away and New York City is an hour away. It is a nice community with lots of stores and malls close by.
Boring town. Nothing much to do here. A lot of plazas of store which I like. Needs more public transportation.
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I will always consider Centereach as one with my childhood. I will always be grateful to the community, especially to the school, for fostering my growth. Centereach High School, not nearly considered the best among national public high schools, still prepared me brilliantly for college and catapulted me on to a successful career track. The teachers and staff there are indispensable to my educational experience, and I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else. Otherwise, Centereach is a relatively active and diverse area. Being at the center of Long Island, resources, entertainment, jobs, and adventure are all readily accessible. Anything not found within the city limits are sure to be found right outside of them, making Centereach a convenient and exciting place thus lended itself perfectly to my experience growing up.
Centereach has a lot of stores close by and the school district is amazing. To get from one end of Centereach to another it will only take you about 10-15 minutes. Family friendly neighborhoods as well
Everything I need is close by each other and the local public high school was amazing. Overall it is a safe place to live and the town is quiet.
Schools are great and Library is one of the best in the countries. Recommended that you buy a car as walking is highly impractical as housing areas are far from commercial areas most of the time. Going out at night is fun but the closest area is the Smith Haven Mall which is about a 15 minute drive.
Centereach is overall a nice area to live. However, it would be nice to have more options available for things to do at night for adults around the town without having to drive far out of town. There are a nice variety of restaurants around the area and many stores for daily needs.
I moved here recently, and it's quite nice here. Everything is closeby, mall, stores, and restaurants.
I've lived in Centereach for most of my life. I absolutely love this town. It is filled with neat shops & restaurants, has easy access to major Long Island roads (Nicholls Rd, Rt 347, & the LIE), & offers a wide variety of house styles to choose from. Housing prices seem to fluctuate by neighborhood but you can find some good deals. I never went to the public primary schools but I've heard they are ok (Centereach High has a decent reputation but most people hate Newfield). I was homeschooled & the department head for homeschoolers in my school region is AMAZING! Ms. Donna Cooke is the best person ever! I wish she could bless other homeschoolers on LI.
I have been living in center each for my whole life. I have never seen such a better place for a family to live in my whole life. I couldn't feel this safe anywhere else. The school districts are great here and the cost is very good.
Centereach is a fun little town in Long Island not to far from stony brook university and Suffolk community college in selden. They have their own town pool, recreation center, dog parks, shopping centers, variety of gyms to go work out at and it very affordable compare to living in setauket and stony brook.
Centereach is a very diverse neighborhood to say the least, there are a lot of job opportunities as the town is filled with stores on every corner. There are many elementary schools that are all very good, along with two high schools that administer great education.
The crime rate in the area is increasing due to the drug epidemic and the lack of jobs for people but it is not terrible. In every area we have high crime rates now. I do however feel safe in my neighborhood, the police are visible and do scope the area from time to time. It take about 10 minutes sometimes faster sometimes slower depending on the urgency calls.
This area is okay. I has alot of shopping and fairly good surrounding schools and pretty safe. There is many shopping centers ,, schools, hospitals, and easy access to mostly everything you need. I would like the road ways to be better taken care of especially during the winter months. Sometimes we are stuck in house for days before the town gets to clean the streets and fix the potholes. I would like better parks and recreational facilities for our elderly and young children. We need more parks and cleaner beaches and parks. Our taxes are very high too high for the service we get. Transportation and good and we are very close to all railroads. Over all its a decent area but in the future when I have my family I would like to live in a better area with more curb appeal and a better quality of the area...but we are grateful we have a home others do not..the homeless rate is increasing in the area and the homeless are getting younger too..too frequently they are in the is very sad..
In my particular area I do not see crime as an issue. What concerns me is if their is an issue their are never cops around my neighborhood will they be able to respond in time.
I would probably not choose to live her again. I love the neighborhood but the neighbors that I live next door to have no respect for me and my other neighbors they leave their yard a mess. And it gives us a bad reputation. I wish I can pick up my house and move to a different street.
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Some parts of town are scary after dark. I visit other towns later in the evening
I've lived here my whole life, not the best not the worst. It's home.
Everyone is really nice. I would love to live here for a good amount of time
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