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Love the old fashion feeling downtown. Awesome festivals all year. And spacious yet close to town. Everyone is super friendly. Neighbors are like family.
Cedarburg is a great town for families. There are many festivals throughout the year. They also have Maxwell Street days 4 times per year, which is a huge flea market. There are trails for biking. Great parks. And many outdoor activities. The schools are rated nationally and are near the best in the state. It is a peaceful small town with a lot to do.
You don't hear of much crime in this area and when you do it is typically teenagers doing such things as stealing of public city property. Police are visible and responsive. There is a heavy presence of civil emergency, fire, and police in local parades and organizations.
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Its small town with all the amenities of big town. Several small villages surrounding area that give you multiple retailers and restaurants to choose from, great school system, low crime, beautiful homes and countryside. Close to Lake Michigan. Less than 20 minutes from Milwaukee to give access to amenities of large city including sports, music, theater, dining, airport, bus, train transport, etc.
Haven't had a problem with major crime in my entire life living here. Makes you feel very safe no matter where you go.
There are a lot of benefits to living in a small town. Mostly is that you get to know a lot of people that live very near, but also that you run into them in the local restaurants and stores.
I love living where I live. I don't want to leave.
It could be better. The schooling is still top notch but in my opinion has slightly declined in quality in the past few years
It's quiet and there is a lot of nature all around. It's a bit of a drive from anywhere else though.
Community is great, just a lot of tourism.
There is a wide variety of housing in the area. The city has everything from small, older homes to new large homes. The rural area has the same mix of housing but on large lots. Have not noticed any abandoned or run down properties. Housing costs are OK but property taxes are high.
There are many natural areas that provide recreation in the area. Parks, nature preserves, bike and walking trails, rural roads all provide convenient sites for people to enjoy the outdoors.
We live in the rural area of town. Houses are spread out on large lots, usually several acres. Do not interact the people living nearby but everyone waves or will talk briefly if out walking in area. Most tend to stay living in the area for an extended period of time. Those with children in local schools are very involved in school activities, especially sports teams.
The area does not have much violent crime. Mostly drug and alcohol , and personal property crimes. It is a safe community and people watch out for each other. There is a visible police presence in the area. Mostly for traffic monitoring.
It is a four season area. Have distinct seasons. Winters can be very long and cold. Snowfall varies each year. Some winters we will have many severe snow storms and others it can be rather mild. Spring weather is very unpredictable.

can go from warm to cold in a matter of minutes. Wind changes off the lake can drop area temperature by 15-20 degrees. Summer is normally quite nice. Have occasional hot, humid periods. Often summer starts late and ends early though. Fall can be the best time of year with low humidity and mild temperatures. Weather in the area is unpredictable.
There are few restaurants in the area. Mostly casual brew pub type places. There are no fine dining options in town.

There are a few local bars in the downtown area but have never been to any. Many places to get pizza.
The area has a lot of retail jobs, factory work and healthcare jobs. There are many big box type retail store that employ quite a large group of people but not offering many high income positions. Many of the employees come from outside the area.
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The local business community is OK in the area. It has expanded greatly in the past five years. There has been much development along the interstate interchange. There businesses are mostly big chain stores. As a result of this expansion, traffic has greatly increased. The downtown area has few retail businesses. There is a good local coffee shop, handmade chocolate shop and a couple of nice restaurants. It would be nice to have a greater variety of locally owned retail in the downtown area.
police and fire time is pretty quick. most local laws are pretty good
it's an okay community. some times of the year interaction between neighbors is good and sometimes not. moving towards a more green community, not to fast though
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