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This city is wonderful! The downtown is amazing with cute little shops, wonderful festivals, and nice people. There is always something to do, places to go, people to see. Parks are clean and nice. The river runs through the town which makes it a beautiful place to visit, take pictures, gather.
As a former resident of Cedarburg, I can attest to it as a welcoming, friendly, and safe community nestled on historic Cedar Creek. Its public schools are constantly rated top 5 in the state, and the city's festivals can't be beat. It is a wonderful place to raise a family. Close enough to Milwaukee and Lake Michigan yet distant enough to have its own folksy identity, Cedarburg is a one-of-a-kind Midwestern city that at times can feel like a "bubble," although diversity is getting incrementally better.
Great schools, summer festivals, music in the park & Interurban bike trail. Not much to do on weekends but within 30 minutes of Milwaukee, so you have access to everything. Low crime. Safe place to live.
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I like how versatile the town is. There are young families, elderly couples, and college students. We all live together in this wonderful town. The cute downtown area looks like a snowglobe in the winter and is full of events during the summer.
It has a nice older small town feel with a lot of cultural and seasonal festivals happening almost every few weeks. There are a lot of dining options within Cedarbug and the surrounding areas. It is only 15 minutes away from downtown Milwaukee.
extremely family friendly. Great place to raise children. Strong academics. Close to Milwaukee, optimal for commuting. CPD is fantastic. Have always felt safe in Cedarburg. Can be expensive to live there.
Wonderful small town feel. School system is above average with many opportunities for both AP and tech ed classes. Super safe area with great downtown and fun summer opportunities. Great place to raise a family!
The location is beautiful and the town''s character makes it a great place to visit or live. The community is safe aND close to majot city center if interested in commuting.
Cedarburg is a great place to live! constantly rated in the top neighborhoods to live in America and usually top three in Wisconsin. Great schools and safe area but just outside of Milwaukee which is great for businesses and jobs
I love Cedarburg and many of the people who live in the town. It's a great and family friendly community and provides a great place for kids my age to have fun and enjoy their life. Although it tends to hold on to its historic age, it also grabs the attention of the current culture. However, I feel the the town tends to hold on to the historic side too much. I think that if the town would open up more to being a community that allowed more businesses to open up, the town would be better off and more open.
There haven't been any issues with the safety and crime in my area.
Although I haven't lived here long, I feel this is one of the best places I could have picked when moving for my internship. It is safe and a lot like my hometown area. It is so safe and I feel like I can trust the people in my area. There are also festivals which bring the community together and truly unite the area as a whole. It is a fun and nice atmosphere to be in..
The police are very reliable in this area. They are quick to respond when called. Any crime that occurs is generally very small, such as small car accidents. This is a very safe area.
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