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I love where I live, and yes I would choose to live here if I had to do it all over again. Since it's a small town and out in the country, there is not much to do or see, but every once in awhile something interesting happens.
The most difficult issue is the cold and snow. Overall, we have good snow removal on the major roads. We have some issues with snow removal from the main road in our town as there are no parking restrictions and this makes it difficult to get the road and parking areas clean. There are a few issues with sidewalks not getting cleared.
I believe that most people work outside our town, but in the larger metropolitan area. So, if we are discussing the greater metro area, then jobs are good. However, if we are talking about our town where we live, then the jobs are lacking.
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In the future I hope to see some improvement in expansion of business opportunities. I would choose to live here again. The quality of life is good. I do see a need for better snow removal in the winter in our particular town.
Our police and fire departments are in the heart of downtown. Their reaction times are excellent. There are good public services available to our area. Most of our local representatives are doing well at representing their areas and the public.
Housing is good in our area. There are houses available for purchase, but there are no run down or vacant properties. If they are vacant, they are not vacant for long. This area is well known for its qualities and schools, so houses get bought quickly. The housing costs are economical and not inflated.
We are known for our large celebration of the harvest which includes a weekend long listing of events. The churches of the area all have their own events during the year which include festivals and celebrations for the community.
Our area is smaller and we do not have public transportation. Our walkways are good. We have good access for pedestrians and cyclists. Most things are within walking distance in town. Traffics can be a little heavy during specific times of the day, but the majority of the time is not a problem.
Our area has few chain stores other than our grocery and hardware store. We have many retail shops that are owned individually.
Our area has lots of park areas including lakes and woodland areas. The parks are all maintained well and are enjoyed by many.
Our area has access to many facilities and park areas and trails. Most people exercise on a regular basis. We have access to several medical clinics and hospitals. Our family works out in our home gym and outside several times per week.
Our neighborhood is a little diverse, the community of the town is more diverse than our neighborhood which lies outside of the city limits.
Our area is very safe. There is a low incidence of crime. There is a noticeable police presence in the neighborhood.
Our area is very friendly. People tend to stay for long periods of time. Our area is let friendly as well. There is a good sense of community and people care about their neighbors.
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