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Cedar Lake has the small town Mayberry feeling where eventually you'll realize everyone knows everyone in one way or another. May it be through a mutual friend your the fast pace of "Word of Mouth".
The people here are friendly and when in need are helpful to each other. It's a slow pace, laid back kind of feeling with restaurtants, to much pizza and the lake. A nice place to just enjoy the water and relax, fish or go boating.
Cedar Lake resident live in a "vacation feeling" atmosphere all year long. We love it here......
Great small town that's booming due to location. Only 45 minutes away from Chicago so many families love the small town vibes while still being able to commute to big city work opportunities.
I enjoy Cedar Lake. Cedar Lake is a very calm and less condensed town compared to other towns in Indiana. The crime rate is also very low here, so you don't have to worry about anything bad happening here. The police of Cedar Lake are also great and quick-witted.
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Cedar Lake is a nice town. There is not much to do in town but there are many surrounding towns that have things for kids to do. It is a very safe and family friendly environment. They have a great school system and the community supports every program in the school for the kids.
Cedar lake is a small rural town around the lake. There is not much to cedar lake, however many people fish and tube there. For dining, I would recommend sandbar grill as well as the more expensive, Lighthouse restaurant.
It is a very small town with relatively safe conditions. On holidays, you only have to drive for a little ways to get to a lake. The lake is nice but very busy. There are nice areas and less nice areas. The main part of the town has everything you need, from a library, to fast food.
Cedar Lake is up and coming! Housing is affordable with brand new houses on the market all the time. Neighborhoods are great! Family friendly area! Moved here 2 years ago and absolutely love it!
I moved to Cedar lake in 2008. I attended Hanover Central High School. Coming from a private Catholic school, I was intimidated by a public school. However, Hanover was a wonderful school and I was able to fit in well. It is a beautiful town and the view of the lake on a summer night is so gorgeous. I love where I live!
Not far from the city (Chicago, an hour - 70 min. commute), and you still get small town vibes. Nice people, and community. Most importantly safe!! Good schools, and quiet. Family oriented environment with a beautiful lake - in the summer it's like a vacation spot!
Cedar Lake is a small town near the suburbs of Chicago. It is great for families, and there are a lot of things to do in nearby towns.
It is a small, friendly town. Most everyone is courteous and polite. There is always something to do for enjoyment, such as, fishing, swimming, hiking at Lemon Lake, shopping, etc.
Cedar Lake is a very interesting little town with a variety of small businesses and is also somewhat rural. The main feature of this town of course is the lake in the center of it, hence the name, Cedar Lake. Overall, this is a nice place to live with a good high school and is also very safe.
Cedar Lake is in my opinion an excellent place to live. You are able to get the small town feel while being an hour from Chicago and 10 minutes from larger towns, with tons of opportunities. The town has done really well with handling the mass amounts of people flocking the area, the only place slightly lacking is the school corporation. The corporation isn't awful, but it is by no means stellar. The community is very involved with each other, and everyone seems to genuinely care about the community.
Moved to cedar lake 6 years ago, and have loved it ever since. Small town with friendly people makes it feel like home. My fiancee and i bought our house in cedar lake almost 2 years ago now and have loved it ever since! A short distance to the lake is so nice in the summer time, and I love being able to walk to lemon lake with my dog. He loves the dog park, so it works out perfectly!
I like Cedar Lake because of its small-town feel, and also because of the close-knit community. There are many parades and festivals in town and also in close neighboring towns.
I live here and I think it's great that they're finally putting sidewalks in and remodeling stores and the like.However, they could definitely have more resources to help keep kids busy and out of trouble, such as a skate park or an arcade.
overall crime isn't high. There is some problems with theft and vandalism. Depending on where you live in town is crime an issue. Some neighborhoods of higher income families are at higher risk of theft.
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In comparison to surrounding towns we benefit from being smaller and having less problems with crime and drugs. However being a small town also has its downfalls like employment is limited as is activities for youth
Not many places to dine but the places to dine have amazing quality of food.
Some people are closed off. No diversity really what so ever.
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