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The neighborhood itself is great, close to good schools and parks. There is a shopping center nearby with multiple grocery stores as well as options of fast food and sit-down restaurants. The HOA has a lot of issues but the neighborhood seems to have noticed and is voting for new representatives.
Cedar Hills has been my home for eight years since I moved into my grandparents home in 2011. I chose to live here for the remote access to Mt.Hood for skiing and I have fallen in love with it with all of it's flaws. Beware, there is a severe of the lack of good sidewalks and foot traffic connections, the light rail stations are always inconvenient to access, and the traffic is growing worse with every passing year because the roads and highways are in desperate need of improvement to accommodate the growing population. It might be the prime example of west coast affluence and expensiveness, but the ocean is near and paradise is here.
A lovely community with lots of great and kind people. Very good safety and close to lots of great places.
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Overall, Cedar Hills is a great place to live. There are many great and diverse food places close by. There are also activities such as bowling, movies, and athletic clubs within a few minutes drive. It takes around 15 minutes to get into downtown Portland which offers even more opportunities. Cedar Hills also offers multiple parks and hiking trails for those who love the outdoors.
Conveniently located along several bus lines and public transportation. Close to the city and other suburban areas and shopping.
Cedar Hills is a very nice neighborhood in the suburbs of Portland. It is a great place for families as it has multiple parks and is very safe.
The area of cedar hills is a beautiful one. I enjoy the people and the communities all around. The schools especially Cedar Park, are one of the best middle schools in my opinion. The staff and teachers genuinely care for their students. One thing that I hope for is an improvement of our parks that are run by thprd. Whether it be making sure garbage is off the floors of the park, or that people aren't feeding the ducks and animals food they shouldn't be fed. Making sure our green areas are kept thriving is important to many especially since we live in such a beautiful state.
I like how clothing stores and grocery stores are there within reasonable distance because it makes traveling to each place more convenient. Regarding the safety of the area, it isn't bad either. What I would like to see is a change in diversity of the area because it's hard to spot any diversity in the area.
Very low crime around me, and I feel safe being outdoors at any time of the day or night
This area is overall an amazing place to live, the local shops and people are great. Its a beautiful area and there is a lot to do. The one issue is that since Nike and Intel are expanding the traffic during rush hour is almost a gridlock for the entire city of Beaverton and Hillsboro
I'd choose to live here again because the quality of people who live near me the places that I can found near me to do diverse activites such as(shopping.eating, recreation, entertaining). However at night it's very calm and quiet.
The neighbors are friendly and there are plenty of fruit trees that everyone lets everyone pluck from, it's very much a community and not just a neighborhood.
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