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Cave Junction is a small town with two gas stations, two bars and soon to be two grocery stores. There are several restaurants in town, none are particularly good. There is a UPS in town, with computer hardware that is at least ten years old. The local veterinarian is not very competent. There is a decent library, Post office and the best D.M.V. on the planet. There is a large homeless population, a large drug addicted population. Law enforcement is less than satisfactory in all aspects. Roads are well maintained for the most part, and the trees are nice, when they are not on fire, this town is a hot mess!
I like that this is a small town. It's great that I know everybody here, so when a new face shows up, I can befriend them too! Cave Junction is a pretty small town, but it has a great community.
I love living here just small quiet community with a lots of good Folk there is a clown hunting and fishing as well as Keen there are numerous hiking trails and wonderful wonderful Countryside that you can just fall in love with and like I said the fishing is both River fishing and Lake fishing so there's pretty much anything that you can do the hunting we have elk or bear and some of the smaller Wildlife that people like to eat
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I have lived here my whole life and sadly I have watched my community take a turn for the worst. Over the past 10 years, the drug use has increased drastically and has affected the community members, the schools, and the local businesses. I am trying my hardest to get a proper education so I can come back and try to help the addictions that now run our town. Cave Junction was one of the most peaceful and loving towns in Oregon, with beautiful rivers and forests. Now the rivers are polluted with glass and diseases. The forests are full of homeless people and garbage. I wish my hometown could become the wonderful and amazing place it once was.
Small town feel with a big town attitude. I moved here 7 years ago and I am still treated like an outsider. If you not from here, people treat you like, your not worth the time of day. Nothing to do here for kids or teens. Nightlife for adults is very minimal. Only one grocery store here and a couple mom and pop stores. So, if your a shopper you will be looking to the Internet most of the time. The best thing about living here is the price of property and the property taxes are on the low side.
I have lived in this small town , my whole life. Its a town full of people who know everyone elses business... And pot farmers they are starting to take over out here . Since cave junction is becoming more know for its unique ganja and one of a kind buds things have started to change .
There is quite a bit of crime but locals look out for each other.
There are many unique stores in this area with good prices.
Many jobs filter through new people every couple of months.
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