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I like that there is low crime rate compared to the rest of Tucson. However, it does appeal to the upper class of Tucson so students still living with their parents like me find it hard to get jobs or get to places easily, especially if you don't have a car (which I don't).
Very safe neighborhood. Everything you could need is within a 15 minute drive from where ever you are. the views are stunning
The Foothills has wonderful views, shopping, hiking and restaurants. The people are friendly and there is not much traffic.
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Beautiful scenery, good schools, extra-curricular programs, affordable after-school care; safe low crime environment. Lots of hiking trails and outdoor activities. Not enough diversity in food especially delivery. Supermarkets are fair and dine-in restaurants are good and affordable.
It's a great place to live; Fresh air, beautiful mountain view. There are many trails to go hiking and outdoor activities.
Beautiful location for all ages and people. Great public schools nearby, friendly and secure neighborhoods. Nice dining and shopping choices.
The prettiest location in all of Arizona. Really no where else compares. I live in Scottsdale and whenever I come out to Catalina Foothills I do not want to leave. The views and weather are perfect. Great restaurant choices, culture, and great schools as well!
Excellent school district with the best views in town. It is extremely safe and has many things to do. Surrounded by nature.
Quiet neighborhoods, great access to public and national parks. Public transportation and bike lanes abundant.
While a pleasant neighborhood it is quite spread out and transportation can be a challenge for younger residents.
The Catalina Foothills area of Tucson, Arizona is a great place to retire. It is not backed up with traffic every hour of the day. It has excellent restaurants, upscale shopping areas, and local live- music events every week. It has wide bike lanes on the roads, side walks and not any tall buildings. It would be a relaxing place for family vacation, to enjoy close time together. There are beautiful sunsets, and not a lot of lit streets at night. Catalina Foothills is pricey for college students to live in, rent is about $700 or more a month. I wouldn't recommend it for a student that's trying to make it their place to live for college, although the quiet nights would be excellent for studying and homework.
Catalina Foothills is a very suburban area. It is very family and school focused, and is a very wealthy part of town. There is not much variety in places to eat, but all food is decent.
There's been very little crime in all the years I've lived here.
My neighborhood is nice and quiet. There's nature all around and it's a safe place to live. It's also near a shopping center that grows more every year.
I think it depends on the area of town you live in.
I think Tucson Arizona is a perfect balance; it's not too big and not too small. I like living here, I do not enjoy the extreme heat though.
The area is really nice for older, conservative individuals. The weather is always the same, usually hot, and very little happens on a day to day basis. As an 18 year old progressive, I find the area rather boring and oppressive. That being said Tucson is the best part of Arizona.
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The Sherriff's department does what it can with the funding available
Tucson is a wonderful place to live- full of really caring people and wonderful natural spaces and art and culture.
Crime and Safety seems to be as good here as anywhere else. We have the protection we need but could always create a better community policing program to help each other as opposed to rely on the police
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