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The perfect small town. Not too far from the big city, but quaint and plenty of privacy. Small schools with great educators and friendly townspeople.
People are very friendly there, going there today to attend St Louis Catholic Church for the first time this morning. I'm JC Ponce from San Antonio Texas. I been going to castroville for years. I fantasize about getting married and having a good family there. Falling in love in San Antonio Texas was just not my style and I feel uncomfortable to live here. If I lived in castroville texas, my life would blossom into something more interesting. I just maybe have a chance to find love in a big town like castroville texas. Love the food, love the agriculture, and love the people. That's how life should be everyone accept ing everyone for who and what they are.
Racist cops, place is slowly turning ghetto with homelessness and prostitution being a regular sight to see on the street. Terrible schools.
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I would love to see a good grocery store be added in town. There is not much access to healthy organic foods, or to a good selection of groceries.
Castroville is the town I grew up in and the community is the reason I am the person I am today. Everyone is very supportive and they love to help one another when need be. Castroville is a small and tightly knit community with many opportunities for work for teenagers and anyone else who needs a place to work. It is a great place to grow up but the only downside is that there is not much of a nightlife other than that it is a great place to live! Small towns raise the best people and I am so blessed to be apart of it.
castroville, Texas is a cute little town. It has a lot of Alsace culture running through its veins. places like Castroville cafe, the square, and Alsace style houses exhibit all the history of Castroville. However, the small coffee shops and new upcoming businesses bring you back into the present. castroville is close enough to San Antonio where if you need anything it is not a hassle, but; it is also far enough away that you are not in the hustle of the city.
Castroville is a beautiful, small town, 20 minutes west of San Antonio. Very family oriented, with friendly people, a locally owned amazing bakery and meat market. Great place to raise a family, but growing too fast.
Castroville is a nice area outside of San Antonio. The majority of the town is small, quiet neighborhoods. There's not much to do, but it's a nice place to stop and visit. Very rural community, but there are nice restaurants along highway 90.
Castroville is a small town with unique antique shops and local restaurants. I recommend if your in the mood for some bake goods to visit one of the local bakery stores , Haby's Alsatian Bakery.
Due to construction, the roads are getting a little more crowded. Other than that (which will go away), Castroville is an amazing town. There are quite a few places to chose to eat from and the little shops, such as antique stores, are so beautiful. It really feels like home.
I love Castroville, if you want to live in the country but not that far from the city. I highly suggest Castroville TX. Its very family oriented, all the people are very nice and a beautiful small but big town.
Castroville is a quaint little town with a variety of things to do. There is a Regional park with a river, hiking, soccer fields, basketball courts, and more. Castroville has nice restaurants including the Alsatian, Julianna's, and Alsatian Hotel. Castroville is a cute town to be in!
Castroville is a small town with a tight-knit but welcoming community. It has a meat market, a Farmers Market, and artisan stores. It is quiet, but it isn’t lonely. For some excitement, it isn’t far from San Antonio.
Small town atmosphere. Community follows and supports sports teams especially at the high school level.
Small place to live in. It's peaceful even though it's expanding. It has everything anyone needs in a town. People are also friendly.
I love Castroville. It is such a tight close community, I mean everybody knows everybody. I can always count on the people of Castroville for support.
This is my hometown. Called Little Alsace of Texas. I am a member of the biggest catholic church in town. This town is small but growing and trying to keep up with cities around it. We are 30 min from San Antonio, and 20 min from Hondo. There is lots to do and stuff for every season. My favorite event is Old Fashioned Christmas. There are vendors all over downtown Castroville and the square; selling handmade crafts, knitted beanies and gloves, food and drinks. Also Santa stops by to check on the kids. We also have two big City Wide Yard Sales, these happen June and November. Just drive around town and have cash in hand. I could write so much more about the park, there's hiking trails there and cross hill that looks over the town. You will have to take a trip there for yourself.
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Castroville is a small close knit town where you know almost everyone and it is easy to make friends. Some neighbor hoods are very nice while others are not so nice, but it all depends on preference. There and multiple small restaurants and a recently built walmart. Travel time is very short and it is fairly easy to get almost anywhere.
I would like our streets better lit.
I would choose to live here again.
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