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There are a lot of really great places to hike and adventure to, and it is right by a lake which is great in the summer, and kids can participate in junior lifeguards and work their way up to become an actual lifeguard at the lake. Food trucks there are also amazing.
Castaic is a nice town just outside of Santa Clarita Valley, 40 miles north of Los Angeles. The homes are more affordable than closer to the city and it is part one of the top 10 safest cities in America. The only downside is it is also a trucker stop before the Grapevine on the I5 Freeway.
I love my town! It is such a great community<3. I have lived here for the last 12 years and most of the people stick around and set down roots. I love my neighbors and they've lived here a long time.
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Castaic is a great place to raise kids. The new high school just opened and my son is loving it. So many great things about living in this area. Close to beaches and mountains.
I've lived in the Castaic area since '92 when there was no mall in the Santa Clarita Valley & alot of barren land. It has transitioned over the years with many fast food spots & other businesses. There is 1 grocery store in Castaic but all of the major businesses are easily accessible within 5 miles. I consider this area clean, quiet & relatively safe. No area is perfect. The truckers who flow through because there are accomodations for them to gas up, park overnite etc..should be more watchful & respectful of the motorists. They drive like they are the only ones on the main street Castaic Rd.
Is the most northern town of Los angles. Near 6 flags. Big housing boom is about to begin 20,000 will be built over the next decade. Good schools, low crime, endless walking trails. Nice shopping and restaurants. Lots of sports for kids.
I live close to the freeway and many interesting area. We frequently go to Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, LA, Hollywood. It's easy to get around.
Castaic is a small town that is close enough to the big city to be able to easily access it without having to deal with the pain of the city. It has excellent schools and a community that cares about each other.
Castaic is this cozy little trucker town tucked in the corner right before the grapevine. Unfortunately with all the truckers stopping through you never know when the wrong person could pull into town. Prostitution, kidnappings, as well as murders have escalated in this town in the last few years. Castaic is probably home to one of the biggest drug rings in the entire city of Santa Clarita. I'd like to see more businesses come into the town, more restaurants and things to do, so the people here can have a better quality of life.
Castaic is a quiet neighborhood with easy access to the “loud” areas of town. It’s hidden away from the much larger Santa Clarita Valley where malls, restaurants, and the movie theater exist. Castaic, however, is a sort of get-away from city living. It allows residents to escape from the crowded conditions on both the street and living situations. It’s also home to a lake bearing the city’s name- Castaic Lake.
Castaic is very safe and quiet. It's very clean and everyone here is very friendly. The atmosphere here is very calm and peaceful and it's a great area to live in when it comes to safety.
Castaic is a small suburban area located just outside the city of Los Angeles. The area is quiet, small and cute. The only thing I would change about Castaic is the commute to and from the city.
Too many people, traffic is getting terrible. The town itself is nice, i used to remember when it was a lot smaller and not so busy but its alright
Everything in this area is clean and orderly, and the neighborhoods and communities are extremely friendly.
Castaic is a suburb that is geographically part of the Santa Clarita Valley, but officially just a small town at the tail end of LA County. Because of this, we are outfitted with our own: public library, school district, and our prized Castaic Lake! Although there is some racial diversity, it is a predominantly caucasian area. Being that there is only one middle school in the school district, mostly every family eventually crosses paths making this town is extremely tight-knit. This town is family-oriented and very much a suburban, calm area. I personally grew up knowing all of my neighbors who automatically became my childhood friends. Our neighboring towns in the Santa Clarita Valley offer major night-life excitement with: Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park, a movie theater, and a mall.
Castaic is known to be a trucker town due to it being the last stop before the grapevine to northern and central California. I however, like Castaic as it has been my hometown for 16 years. I have met nice people, haven't encountered or seen any crimes in the area, and it is close enough to the major towns.
News of crime. But police response is quick
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The town is a standard suburb town. Safe and quiet.
When we call the police, they come early.
Too much trucks. We live close to the lake, good place to go, the rent is chipp,
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