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Has a great small-town feeling to it, while still being the second-largest city in Wyoming. Sometimes it can be hard to find places to shop or find entertainment, but it's nice to have a lower crime rate.
Casper, Wy is an overall safe place to raise a family however it lacks things for the youth to do! We have lots of liquor stores and bars and sure maybe churches to but unless you are a kid with money you can't even go to a movie here. What I would like to see change in Casper is more things for teens to do other then drink and use drugs, something that all "classes" can take part of.
Casper is an average small city in the heart of Wyoming. There's a lot of beautiful scenery here, and the North Platte runs right through the center. Quite a few people end up coming back here to retire because it's a cozy place to live. The winters and summers are pretty brutal, though.
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I do not mind living in Casper for the most part I mostly believe it has the same issues that you'd find in any other city with such a low population. A large amount of my age group is struggling with addiction and i mainly attribute this to the lack of community led projects for the youth or for lack of better word anything to do. I live in an oil field state and that is where most of our funding and attention goes to but I'd love to see my city put effort forth to build a community.
A very cold town, not a lot of opportunities for growth, close minded people who do not accept other peoples opinions. The whole area is very anti-science, anti-medicine.
A beautiful place full of wild life. Companies are expanding and reach clear out to Casper giving people a wonderful array of shopping centers. The town is not to big, but have plenty of wonderful opportunities.
I truly love Casper, WY! It is the perfect size for a town/city and the people are so kind. Casper holds a lot of neat events, such as movie in the park at David Street Station which is in downtown Casper. In Casper there is a large amount of large businesses such as Sam's Club, Target, Hobby Lobby, etc. so it holds a small town feel but still maintains all of your shopping needs.
I love Casper. It has a small town feel and mentality while not being a really small town. You have many of the conveniences that come with a smaller city such as a community college, a hospital, a variety of grocery stores, lots of recreation options, and great restaurants. Lots of amazing and friendly people who aren't afraid to help a stranger and be a friend. Great place to live and have a family.
I love the size of Casper. There are many outdoorsy things to do and may beautiful sights! Everyone is friendly with a strong sense of community. The only thing that I would like to see change is how conservative our state is. There is definitely the old school mentality here and not a lot of diversity.
I have been living in Casper for the last 8 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. Casper offers wonderful restaurants (Don Juans is the best!!), a great business community, and wonderful outdoor recreation that is 20 minutes or less. The downtown area has gone though a wonderful redevelopment over the last few years and offers plenty for anyone to do.
Casper is a tight-knit community. The city offers a vibrant downtown where neighbors can meet and everyone feels like a friend. The residents are always happy to welcome new faces and visitors.
In Casper, you can experience outdoor recreation anytime of the year. Ten minutes from downtown, Casper Mountain boasts a family-friendly ski area, and a robust multi-use trails system for hiking, biking, snow shoeing, Nordic skiing and more. The Platte River runs through the city and has amazing fishing.
Best place I've lived and I'm proud to call Casper home. This place is not a suburb full of snobs. This place has western culture and hospitality. Also, the schools are some of the best funded schools in the United States.
My family and I have lived in the Casper area for 12 years. Fabulous parks for kids to play at, and the Platte River Trail for running means you can always find something to do outside. Casper mountain offers year-round activities that we can ALL participate in. My family hikes and picnics in the warm weather and snowshoes and cross country skies in the winter. Edness Kimbal state park and Alcova offer water activities like kayaking and paddleboarding. The downtown has been reinvigorated with outdoor concerts, bars, and places to eat at for date night or you can comfortably take the kids. Numerous locally owned boutiques and shops ensure you spend a pleasant day shopping downtown. The Casper Events center brings concerts and programs to town to keep things exciting. The multiple museums offer cold-weather entertainment without breaking the bank. Mix in rodeos, fairs, the college, hunting, fishing, and the kindness of Wyoming's people and you can see why we have no plans to leave.
Casper is an amazing place to raise a family. With excellent schools that are some of the best funded in the country, Wyoming has always placed a high priority on its secondary education. Natrona County teams consistently earn top honors in a variety of sports and academic achievements. Best of all, as a parent, you can trust that your children are safe when they are in school. Because locals love it here, the teachers are happy and well paid, making the academic experience so much better for the students. And, there is a reason the locals love living in Casper. With the perfect combination of city and small town, it offers everything from a vibrant arts community to local shops and restaurants and an up and coming distillery and microbrewery scene. Voted the most generous town in America, Casper offers a tight knit community you can be proud to be a part of. And, if you are an outdoor activity fan, the possibilities are endless!
Casper is nestled in the heart of Wyoming with a population around 55,000 people and has a fantastic symphony, art walks, and more with a booming fine arts community. It is also home to mountain ranges, skiing, lakes, camping, fishing, and hunting for the outdoor enthusiast.
Our family loves living in Casper. There is so much to do and we feel very safe living here. Our tight-knit community supports each other and are always welcoming. We love all of the amenities offered here and hanging out in our downtown area. In the past few years, Downtown Casper has really flourished with the addition of David Street Station and more restaurants, bars, and shops. With the mountain, river, and reservoirs within 30-45 minutes from our house, we can sneak away to the outdoors any time of the year when we need to have some space. There is so much to love about Casper for families, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and established careers.
I was born and raised in Casper and moved away for a handful of years. My family and I now call Casper home again and have planted roots here. It's a community that has a small town feel where you know your neighbors but big city amenities. People are friendly, it's welcoming and safe and has everything you need - family friendly activities and events, a vibrant nightlife, excellent dining options, arts, culture and ton of recreation opportunities just minutes away.
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I would rate my overall experience in Casper as average, moving here at first it was amazing but the cold weather and the wind drives people off. There isn't a lot to do here, but the people are nice enough, I have made good friends. Id likes to see more diversity and job opportunities.
My husband and I love living in Casper, WY. We have lived here for 20 years, and enjoy the small town feel, as well as the larger city amenities that Casper has to offer. The downtown scene offers breweries, outdoor dining, local shops, and great restaurants and bars. Recreation is unlimited in Casper! There is plenty of hiking trails locally or within a short drive to numerous places! There are plenty of walking trails along the river, in town, or on the Mountain. Casper is a wonderful place to raise a family, and it is a very safe and friendly community.
Casper is a beautiful City with a small town feel and access to all the top amenities. It's a friendly community that is safe, wonderful to raise a family and settle in. Great place to work, play and live. Great options for food, adventure, nightlife, recreation - you're 15 minutes from everything. Winter, spring, summer and fall activities and amenities. I'm proud to call this my home.
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