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Casper is a neat place. It does get pretty darn windy and the winter’s are rather cold ;) (that’s to be expected lol) Pancho’s is the best place in town to eat!
Casper is a city that is not like the others in Wyoming nor the United States. While there isn't much to do for teenagers, it is a great place to live if you're a young adult or you're looking to start a family. There are some parts of Casper that could really use some remodeling but you never have to worry about living in the "ghettos". There are no gangs here, there are people who think they are in a gang but it's all in their mind. I hear people say how much they hate Casper and how they can't wait to get out of here and sometimes I say that too, but when I really sit down and look at the big picture Casper is an amazing city. There are so many cool places to visit where you can learn about the city's history and really connect with what happened years ago. And I love that I am able to get in my car and drive to the mountain in less than 20 minutes. Overall Casper is an amazing place to live and I am happy that I live here.
I like that Casper offers things to do that are family friendly. Casper has multiple parks and fun places for families to go that are affordable. Moving from a small town I am still getting used to driving more than a few minutes to get to the store.
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This is a smaller town, with many fun opportunities to do outdoor activities. It is fairly quiet and is fairley friendly to new people.
Small town feeling. Even though it is one of the largest cities in Wyoming. Oil Field based. Economy lives off the oil fields and so it can be a very nice place to live.
Casper, Wyoming in general is a pretty good place to live. The boom and bust economy can be a pain sometimes. I would recommend that you work to get your house paid of as quickly as possible and then it is a lot easier to weather the ups and downs. My Son has loved each school he has attended and the teachers tend to be very supportive of their students. If you like being outdoors this is a great place to be. The bicycle scene is improving and you are close to hunting, fishing, and snow sports on the mountain.
Pretty boring and small, with no art scene. Not very many good restaurants either. Expanding, but conservative, so there is no regard of the impact on the environment.
Summers are amazing, but winters are long and cold. People are typically very nice and it's not big of a town, but not too little either. It has a good public school system that could use some work, but overall pretty good.
I loved living in Wyoming before people from Michigan, Colorado, and Oklahoma moved here and brought their crime, bad driving skills, and complaints about how awful it is in Wyoming. Wyoming for Wyomingites!
I've lived in Casper, Wyoming for almost my entire life. My experience here has been alright, but those who don't enjoy small towns should stay clear. Casper is decently secluded, but its location in the middle of the state makes travel more convenient. With the continually growing economy with Trump in office, the area is slowly coming back to life with the oilfield bringing in those looking for work. With the growth of our fragile economy comes new business, more budget for education, and more of a focus on domestic needs such as construction.
Casper is a small town at the base of a mountain. The main income sources are from oil, gasses and coal, however, we are reaching out for a more diverse economy. The people are friendly and the wages are average.
Casper is a very nice place to live. It has the small town feel but with everything you would ever need in a city. The people here are very friendly and always smiling and saying hi in the street. The economy is good and jobs are readily available.
Casper is a mid-size town with relatively friendly people. There are many outdoor activities available as well as good restaurants and parks. Casper's high schools are somewhat overpopulated, however. An improvement would be to add one more high school, but other than that, Casper is a nice town.
Casper is a wonderful community that continues to grow. Within the past year alone, Casper has opened new businesses and public areas that provide both children and adults with multiple activities. One of my favorite things about Casper is that there are many things for children to do, many of them being free of charge. For example, the library is open to the public with a library card or student ID. Parents can check out books, movies, and more for them and their families. Additionally, the library hosts several events for young children that provide enjoyable experiences and encouragement to read. Casper is my home town and I love how community centered it has become.
Family friendly with a mountain, river, and lake nearby. Great music scene and downtown area. Casper police department does a great job keeping our community safe. The public school system is school of choice. Recently many young entrepreneurs have started opening up unique shops, restaurants, and bars.
It has beautiful wide open skies, a beautiful mountain, and friendly people. It doesn't take long to get anywhere and has amazing schools. Lovely neighborhoods and even has a lake near by. Lots of outdoor activity.
I love the recent developments in our down town area. In addition to this, there is a variety of local areas to keep residents busy, such as the ski ares, camp grounds, and Alcova lake.
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Casper is a very quiet city. Located in Wyoming, Casper offers a nice landscape. Although not much activities to do here, Casper has movie theatres and a jump craze, as well as a lake to flat along during the Winter.
Great place to grow up. Smaller city in the middle of the state with things to do for both adults and kids.
Casper is a family friendly town, a good place to start a new beginning. It has various restaurants and things to do for all ages. The people here are always willing to help each other out.
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