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I have never felt unsafe or threatened while living in Ravenna. Occasionally, there will be an outbreak of robberies but those are few and far between. The police don't frequent our streets very often, but quite honestly, they don't need to. I'm very satisfied in this aspect of Ravenna.
I love the small town, country feel of the area. It was a great place to grow up in that allowed my siblings and I a considerable amount of freedom in exploring the outdoors and spending time outside. The quality of life I have experienced here is good. However, the education system holds so much unfulfilled potential. Currently the public schools lack variety in offered courses, offering little opportunity for gifted students. Their academics could also be stronger, especially concerning the English department. The close knit tendencies of small towns form a wonderful community to be a part of, but, if stuck on the outside looking in, it can also make for a very unpleasant experience.
Lots of houses around here are rented out by couples or small families. However, a lot of them don't keep the houses clean, which makes the neighborhood look very trashy.
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The stars are more visible than they would be in the city making the summer nights more peaceful with the crickets chirping in the distance.
It's a quiet town and when needed the police are there.
It's a kind and giving area with loads of areas it can grow in even after all the changes already made. I would recommend it to others.
I don't live too close to my neighbors but the ones I do know for the most part are friendly. I really have no complaints.
The roads can get terrible in the winter due to ice and driving can also be dangerous because of drifting/falling snow so that's why my rating would go down from an "It's the best".
I would only say it's bad because there isn't, at least it doesn't seem like, many opportunities at all to find employment in this area.
The area itself is a great one to live in except for one thing: there aren't many businesses. There's one gas station that I frequent and that's about it. I have to go outside the area to get everything I need.
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