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Convenient hwy access. Plenty of parks. Several places to shop. Family friendly, and good schools.
quiet, safe, very convenient location, lots of medical, dental, health care locally. Also lots of shopping within 19 minutes including Costco and Foothills Mall and everything up and down Oracle Road.
Quiet area, friendly people, quaint shops, low crime.

People are super friendly and nice around this area. I've lived in the Casas Adobes area for almost 11 years and it has never steered me wrong. There seems to be a very low crime rate. We've never been a victim of any crimes in this area, at least nothing except a fender bender. There are a few little shopping areas that definitely speak to a more Euro tone but they are pretty and have higher end shopping.
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I love the area. It is convenient to downtown, the malls, and lots of good restaurants. There are a variety of things to do in the area. Overall, it is a great place to live.
Right in the middle of Tucson and Oro Valley. I love walking in the Pima Canyon Wash; the desert squirrels and plentiful birds makes you feel like you're not in a city at all. Mr. An's happy hour is a go-to favorite for my family and friends.
I like that there is lots of thing to do in area because this is shopping areas, parks, schools, and even museums. So all different types of age groups are welcome in the area
Great part of town with clean stores and friendly people and safe neighborhoods. The community itself has a variety of places to shop including Walmart, Target, Lowes, and many grocery stores. Almost on every corner you will find a place to shop. There is a community college, Pima, right next to an awesome YMCA. It is a community that has a greater elder generation so I believe that makes for a much safer environment.
Casas Adobes is right on the border between Pima County and Marana. The area is beautiful. Lots of desert land to explore. There is wildlife, but not invading. It has beautiful views.
I haven't hear of any crimes happening in this particular neighbourhood.
It's a peaceful neighbourhood, and it's nice to be close to a park.
Very low crime rate; I feel very safe in this neighborhood.
The neighborhood has a very low crime rate, and new businesses and restaurants are continuously opening.
This crime and safety in this area is not declining. At least 30 times a week theres either a shooting, a kidnapping, a shoplifting, a hit-n-run, a grand theft auto, or a robbery somewhere in the city. The visibility of police only range in a few areas. They are not mostly in neighborhoods, but mostly city highways and city main streets. The number one concern I have is our Government help. Will they be there when those in deep need need them?
I would choose to live her again. Compared to everywhere else in the country I would choose to live somewhere up North. In my future for this area I see it being up to date, as close as Phoenix, Arizona.
Houses are well spread out with open space.
The community in this area is active and friendly.
Normal crime. Houses getting broken into by. Not a huge crime problem.
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I have only lived in Tucson Az. I do enjoy living here. I just wish our school system was better. Our schools are ranked one of the lowest in the country. That is very sad. Our local government needs to stop wasting money and put it in the important areas that will help our community.
The police are very visible and helpful in response to crimes. However, burglary and theft are common, and graffiti is a major issue.
Although there are a lot of retail stores and services offered in the community, there is not much for teenagers to do. While there are many outdoor options, it is simply too hot for these activities during the summer when school is out. Crime seems to be on the rise, and the seedy feeling of the area seems only to intensify. There are pockets of nicer areas mixed with those of less appealing areas. Overall, though, what makes Tucson unique is that it is a big city with a small-town feel.
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