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From my experience in Carthage, I enjoyed the fact that it is a small town. They have a couple of boutiques too look through and find many cute clothes. If you are hungry, there are many unique choices to choose from. We have a hamburger place, a Mexican restaurant, and a Chinese restaurant. In a few months, they are opening an Italian restaurant. If you are in the mood for something sweet, we have our very own candy bar, which is in the middle of town so it is easy to locate. They have a campground and park just a few minutes away, and they have a Mariana if you prefer to go on a boat. If you are wanting to travel, visit, or find a home in a small town, then Carthage, Tennessee would be the perfect place.
Nice place to be at. It’s very quiet. It’s a good nice country town to be in. It’s the type of place to where you’ll be to yourself with no one to bother you. The people are friendly, you just got to know who they are! You don’t have to worry about a high crime or violence rate. If you want to start a life in a small town, then it’s definitely the place to be.
Carthage is a small town. I like that you are very close to school and work. The people are friendly.
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Carthage is a small town that needs more family activities for those that live there. There is nothing anymore for the young population to do. We used to have a skating rink that was a big thing for years
Crime happens no matter where you are
I am not to sure what to say to
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