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Cartersville is an affordable city to live in. It is also near Atlanta so commuting between the town to the city can be done in a timely manner. The public schools in Cartersville have a great education system that promotes to prepare all students for college or work. The staff members at the school are welcoming and fair to everyone. Cartersville also has a college that is a part of the USG system for students to start off there and transfer to a bigger university. Jobs are available in many retail and fast food places. There is not much diversity, but everyone can find their niche in the town.
Great place with a good mix of big city and small town. Definitely family friendly and open to all ethnicities.
This city is a very interesting and small city with many job opportunities. Its very easy to get to different places around the city and also easy to find new people. This southern city is very nice and everybody you meet is very friendly. Though there is not many family things to do around here, it makes up for it by giving you many shopping opportunities.
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I have lived in Cartersville since I was a baby. Loved the small town experiences. We have had several people make the big leagues in sports and I love seeing their success as well as bringing knowledge about our small town.
I like the restaurant options but I wish it would stop growing so fast. I miss the small town feel that it used to have years ago.
Cartersville is a great little town not far from Kennesaw, Marietta and even Chattanooga. The town is growing quickly but when you come you'll still get that southern hospitality feel. Downtown has some wonderful local shops and eateries, and don't miss visiting the local Tellus Science Museum. Some may not like the small town feel but just remember the large city is only a 15 minute drive south.
Cartersville is a great town to live in. Plenty of restaurants with good food, a lovely downtown with historical significance, and lots of events. If your looking for something to do, it's not far from good campgrounds, museums, and theatres. It is also a quick drive to great locations in the Atlanta metro area. It is a great place to live with great people to meet.
I've lived in Cartersville for several years, and it still has that "small town" feel. We have plenty community events like a local farmers market, local bands in our downtown on weekends, antiques, and tours of the city. In the same respect, we have many city amenities that we all enjoy- like good restaurants and shopping.
Great community, bigger town but still has the small town feel. Has a lot to offer and is safe community for families to grow in.
I want better college for it in Cartersville and also cheap rent instead of trying to claim us as Atlanta I think that’s stupid but the best change is more education
Growing up, I used to not like Cartersville because I thought it was small and boring. Now that I have grown up more and have seen other places, I see how wrong I was. I recently just bought my first home with my husband here in Cartersville and we love it.
Cartersville is a great, family friendly town. It is full of different things to do, and great schools.
Cartersville is growing but till has the "small town" feeling. There are plenty of activities around the city. The downtown atmosphere is fun and appropriate for families. There is a museum downtown and great dinning choices. Delinger Park is a great place to swim, play tennis, enjoy basketball, and relax by the pond.
Cartersville is currently pretty small but growing fast with job opportunities. Housing is cheap and commuting around town is relatively easy. Although there aren't many restaurant choices and you have to drive toward atlanta for more choices
Cartersville has plenty of restaurants to offer with at least 5 different grocery stores. There are plenty of county and city schools for students to attend across the county giving students a vast selection of friends for life. Locals or visitors can go see a movie in town or jump right on I-75 to get to wherever they need to be.
It's an alright town but the roads are badly maintained due to the high level of commercial industries that are crammed slap dab in the middle of residential areas, the cop presence is at times overwhelming to where you're uncomfortable even driving to the store while doing absolutely nothing wrong. I won't comment on the only Walmart here any further than every time I have visited there, someone is leaving in an ambulance or in the back of a cop car.
Yes Cartersville has some nice spots, but a sprawling gap in economic levels which most cities do. It is how the government treats these. Cartersville is also full of history, historic districts which include some that are aging very poorly. If you live in one that the city does not support good luck with anything from water main breaks (they'll put a bandaid on it), to very poor sewage and storm water systems. The won't do a darn thing about those. And I have run into several very, very shady things about the government. City officials that hang up on you or do not return correspondence, to a vial lack of accountability when it comes to protocol and procedures to record keeping. So very sorry I moved here.
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I love the city of Cartersville so much because the residents are so family-friendly. I also like the atmosphere and the view of the mountains. What I like about Cartersville is that it is closer to nature. The trees, the mountains, and the rivers fascinate me in this suburban town.
Cartersville has a small hometown atmosphere but also has a lot of diversity that you usually only find in larger cities. The people are friendly, the food is fantastic, and you can always find something to do. The museums are fabulous, from the Booth Western Art Museum, the Tellus Museum, and the Grand Theater in downtown. The shopping is also great, there are some great small stores on main street that are a shoppers dream.
I've lived in Cartersville my entire life and it's been an amazing opportunity to see the area grow from a small town to a more advanced and desired destination.
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